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triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

Thanks alot guys @ReCorpH@d-Bergie @MetalWolf @4soul. I will update tonight after this session Very Happy 

triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

@WuDu Thats not me, I use different aliases Smile

KrustyTheClown Rank 13
Rank 13

Respect, solid bankroll coming from basicly scratch.

GL and hopefully see you at a Unibet Open event Smile

triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

So, 3 days from start and its time for my first update. Its been a rough grind so far, I will not bore you all with to many bad beat storys though. Rngesus gives and Rngesus takes it back, I want my sixes to crack aces so then I just have to accept that sometimes its the other way around Smile

With that said its probably easy to guess that I didnt got any deep runs in the majors this sunday, but despite the lack of deepruns I must say Im quite happy anyway. I´ve only played the Nova two times before, or "played", the last sundays I sat at the table playing foldem for three hours and then busted in a coinflip. But this time it felt so much better, I was much more comforteble and played it like any other MTT without thinking of the massive prices Very Happy The first hours I hanged out in the top 5 to top 15 area, when blinds started to go up my kings got cracked by pocket sixes and a couple hands later I was out in place 45-50 something. 

Ofcourse I want deep runs and big cashes but more importantly I want to improve my game and I really felt I played much better this week so that feels good! The other MTTs didnt go very well either but I got some cashes that saved me from ruin, fore some reason my history in the client doesnt work so I cant give exact numbers of tournaments played and such but I will request them from live chat now and then to get the bigger picture Smile 

My estimation is that Ive played about 6 hours per day for 3 days and about 4 tables at the time, mainly 5-25 Eur MTTs and Qualifiers but also some 4 & 10 Eur SNGs both 5 man and HU. 

As a person Im about 99% impulse and no matter how much I try the tiny dicipline part of me dont really get its voice heard so while keeping track in an excell file sounds really good in theory I just havent managed to do it for more than a couple of hours so far but my feeling is that Im about BE in MTTs, down in 5 man SNG and up in HU SNG.


  • BR: 1100 ---> 1159 Eur = +59 Eur
  • Tickets: 900 ---> 846 Eur = -54 Eur
  • Bonus points: 193 ---> 393 = +200

Summary: +7 Eur.

Some thoughts on the road from me to me

Good things!

  1. You have not been splashing at NL25, well done Very Happy
  2. You realized that you play much better when you dont think about the money, usually you leak alot in the push/fold part of the tourneys but you managed to ship the Crazy Moon 3 times last weeks so it dosnt make sence. The lovely Discord team helped to the insight that you play a lot better poker when you just focus on first place or nothing!


"Constructive Critice"

  1. Focus still needs to improve, you dont play as good poker when you play Zelda at the same time.
  2. You also have diffuculties when you open two HU tables in the 5 min break when you have 2 bubbles, one HU and 4 other tables running...
  3. Its fun that you learnt how to use the printscreen app but dont prioritice that so much that you timebank out aces on a FT.


AND FINALY, The Biggest and The Happiest results since last time!

m v.PNGHappiest momentSk.PNGBiggest Cash


triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

Thank you @KrustyTheClown ! That would be absolutly amaysing Very Happy Have one finale tic to UK and one to UO so far so will keep grinding and then take a shot on the finals when the feeling is right Very Happy

AceFromSpace Rank 7
Rank 7

I will be dumping all my chips to u every time if you marry me Heart

XY Rank 19
Rank 19


I see your mindset is right, therefore success will come.


About hand/s history and post game/s analyze,I recommend you to install some screen recorder rather than print screen every hand and losing focus on tables.


https://icecreamapps.com/Screen-Recorder/ is nice one.



Good luck at the tables!

Rushbie Rank 21
Rank 21

Girl if you want a good, solid point of view, how to do things properly, check the blogs of @whereisrivaldo, @MathrimC, @monkeyheaven, @MoreTBC just for starters.
Don't worry about your own gameplay, if you are rockin' it, then you are rockin' it and ask no less Cool

"Wise men know their limits. Great men have no limits."
DuttensBrud Rank 10
Rank 10
triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

Thank you all for support! I havent been able to update lately, Im currently on vaccation in Colombia so will not have time to play very much next couple of weeks, and unfurtunetly I will miss most of the series Sad

I will be home in time for the big 79 main event though and have shiped 2 tickets for that one so very hyped about that 😀

I write this little update from phone so dont have any pics to attach but since last time my best results have been a first place in 10 re/ad Sputnic, 5 Eur 250 Deep space, 10 Eur 500 Shooting, 2 Eur Fireball and 2 Eur Multi. 

I got a couple of second places in Event Horizon, 10 Eur Fireball, 5 Eur 300 Multiverse, 5 eur Deep Fire, a 3rd in Dwarf Star and a bunch of other smaller cashes.

I also got itm in Supernova for the first time but busted 23d for 298 ish in a standard preflop all where my AQ, and other guys Ax got called and crushed by TT.

I have had alooot of problems with client freezes and crashes though witch have affected my overall play and  I have been running quite bad even though I got some deep runs it havent made up for the uncounteble bad beats, BR/Ticket wise Im about BE with tickets up and BR down. 

I just learned that I cant request Mtt results by stake so I will try to get my HeartHeartsHeart together and keep better track myself in a excell sheet 😀

Will be back with a better update when i get time Smile