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Tri's MTT adventures!


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Hi guys and girls!

This blogg will be about a Swedish girls journey through Unibets MTTs. I have been reading some off the great bloggs here on community and decided I should start one myself to help me keep track and dicipline while striving to build a solid BR.

A bit of history then..

I first tried online poker a couple years ago and I was horrendously bad so after splashing away my 10 eur deposit and eventual bonus money I uninstalled the client and forgot about it. I always loved strategic games, psychology, math and to play cards though so in march 2017 I somehow decided to give poker a new go. 

This time I had a much more seroius approch and I really enjoyed the game. During this year I had ups and downs, tryied different formats, sites and finaly I ended up here on Unibet. 

After quite a bit of studdying and a lot of hours at the tables where I lost my my winnings as soon as got them I started to BE and in the end even go a little bit plus.

Beginning of this year I had to withdrawl my BR due to personal things and was left with 100 eur and a bunch of MTT tickets. I have since grinded it up and I will start from todays standings.


  • Bankroll 5K - 100 BI to 50Eur MTTs
  • Ship a pack and play at least one of the live events 2018.

Starting standings

BR: 1100.27 Eur     

Bonus points: 193

Ticket roll: 900.05 Eur

- 4x 100 Eur Supernova

- 2x 50 Eur Milkyway

- 1x 50 Eur Sputnic

- 5x 0.01 Eur UO slot freeroll

- 1x 2 Eur SNG

- 3x freeroll. Double trouble, 1000 mission, 3000 mission.

- 4x 4 Eur UK tour

- 1x 1 Eur UK tour

- 5x 4 Eur DSO

- 1x 1 Eur DSO

- 1x 10 Eur UO

- 1x 50 Eur UO

- 1x 250 Eur UO


I currently play 1-10 Eur MTTs on a regular basis and qualifiers to the 25 - 100 Eur MTTs, quals to generic MTT tickets and quals to the live events. I just started playing the occasionly 25 Eur MTT and will play them more if my BR allowes me. I add some SNG and HU sng from time to time and unfurtunetly I dont always have the dicipline to stay away from NL25 on to even though I act as a ATM machine for the regs there. 

So the way Im planning to reach this goal is:

  • Continue studdying and put minumun 3 hours a week analysing my leaks.
  • NO NL25!!!!!
  • Update this blogg regulary to keep my dicipline.
  • Focus on the tables and play activly, max 5 tables!


Today I will play Supernova, Ice giant, Cosmic ray, Nebula and some qualifiers :)

If anyone read all this, Thank you for your interest!

To be continued!

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1myplay1, is this you?

We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
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So, 3 days from start and its time for my first update. Its been a rough grind so far, I will not bore you all with to many bad beat storys though. Rngesus gives and Rngesus takes it back, I want my sixes to crack aces so then I just have to accept that sometimes its the other way around :)

With that said its probably easy to guess that I didnt got any deep runs in the majors this sunday, but despite the lack of deepruns I must say Im quite happy anyway. I´ve only played the Nova two times before, or "played", the last sundays I sat at the table playing foldem for three hours and then busted in a coinflip. But this time it felt so much better, I was much more comforteble and played it like any other MTT without thinking of the massive prices :D The first hours I hanged out in the top 5 to top 15 area, when blinds started to go up my kings got cracked by pocket sixes and a couple hands later I was out in place 45-50 something. 

Ofcourse I want deep runs and big cashes but more importantly I want to improve my game and I really felt I played much better this week so that feels good! The other MTTs didnt go very well either but I got some cashes that saved me from ruin, fore some reason my history in the client doesnt work so I cant give exact numbers of tournaments played and such but I will request them from live chat now and then to get the bigger picture :) 

My estimation is that Ive played about 6 hours per day for 3 days and about 4 tables at the time, mainly 5-25 Eur MTTs and Qualifiers but also some 4 & 10 Eur SNGs both 5 man and HU. 

As a person Im about 99% impulse and no matter how much I try the tiny dicipline part of me dont really get its voice heard so while keeping track in an excell file sounds really good in theory I just havent managed to do it for more than a couple of hours so far but my feeling is that Im about BE in MTTs, down in 5 man SNG and up in HU SNG.


  • BR: 1100 ---> 1159 Eur = +59 Eur
  • Tickets: 900 ---> 846 Eur = -54 Eur
  • Bonus points: 193 ---> 393 = +200

Summary: +7 Eur.

Some thoughts on the road from me to me

Good things!

  1. You have not been splashing at NL25, well done :D
  2. You realized that you play much better when you dont think about the money, usually you leak alot in the push/fold part of the tourneys but you managed to ship the Crazy Moon 3 times last weeks so it dosnt make sence. The lovely Discord team helped to the insight that you play a lot better poker when you just focus on first place or nothing!


"Constructive Critice"

  1. Focus still needs to improve, you dont play as good poker when you play Zelda at the same time.
  2. You also have diffuculties when you open two HU tables in the 5 min break when you have 2 bubbles, one HU and 4 other tables running...
  3. Its fun that you learnt how to use the printscreen app but dont prioritice that so much that you timebank out aces on a FT.


AND FINALY, The Biggest and The Happiest results since last time!



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Thank you all for support! I havent been able to update lately, Im currently on vaccation in Colombia so will not have time to play very much next couple of weeks, and unfurtunetly I will miss most of the series :(

I will be home in time for the big 79 main event though and have shiped 2 tickets for that one so very hyped about that

I write this little update from phone so dont have any pics to attach but since last time my best results have been a first place in 10 re/ad Sputnic, 5 Eur 250 Deep space, 10 Eur 500 Shooting, 2 Eur Fireball and 2 Eur Multi. 

I got a couple of second places in Event Horizon, 10 Eur Fireball, 5 Eur 300 Multiverse, 5 eur Deep Fire, a 3rd in Dwarf Star and a bunch of other smaller cashes.

I also got itm in Supernova for the first time but busted 23d for 298 ish in a standard preflop all where my AQ, and other guys Ax got called and crushed by TT.

I have had alooot of problems with client freezes and crashes though witch have affected my overall play and  I have been running quite bad even though I got some deep runs it havent made up for the uncounteble bad beats, BR/Ticket wise Im about BE with tickets up and BR down. 

I just learned that I cant request Mtt results by stake so I will try to get my ❤️♥️❤️ together and keep better track myself in a excell sheet

Will be back with a better update when i get time :) 

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Today I managed to get time for a short Mtt session, since South America is 6 hours behind CET I didnt catch my regular sunday Mtt:s so went with the late ones instead. 

Total Mtts : 5

ITM: 1/5

Total BI: 47 Eur            Avg BI: 9.4 Eur                

Cashes: 152.5 Eur


  • BR: 1159 ---> 920.94 Eur = -238 Eur
  • Tickets: 846 --->  1085 Eur = +239Eur
  • Bonus points: 393---> 3393 = +3000

Summary: +40 Eur

I been swinging up and down around the BE mark all since I stared this blog but hopefully it will turn around soon! I keep working on my game and studdying, atm how to deal with semi short stack play by watching pro rewiews at runitonce.

Hope u all run good ad that u had a great sunday grind :d



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  • 1 month later...

The plan was to keep a constant flow of updates and post a couple days a week on this blog but since I failed that the sessions keep piling up and It gets harder and harder to sum everything up. 

Rngesus continues to challenge me and is putting me through The Ultimate Test Of Strengh with all in pre aces cracked 95 times vs 34 times held last weeks. (Important to say I dont usually keep track of such things but needed to see if it was just my feelings or if I really was running bad). 

But even I get a tast of the good life form time to time so lets look at the results, we start from the beginning with Unibet Online Series!

I was still in Colombia during the majority of the series but managed to play a couple handfulls anyway. I focused mainly on the high events since I had been stacking up with 50 and 100 eur tickets and saw the opportunity to get to play óutside my BR for cheap :) I played mayby 70% of the MTTs and got 3 cashes in the highs, the biggest being a 3rd place in #28 PLO that I accedently reged for beliving it was NLH...

I did get a lot of deep runs and bubbled/almost bubbled a ton so in the end I finished in place 48th on the high and 51th on the overall leaderboard getting some well needed boost to the bankroll :)

Run bads or not I do see the history repeat it self with me being top 5 stack 20 ish to money and then bubble or min cash, I do have a mental block or something keeping me from playing my A-game in this stage and I keep studdying and trying to improve there. Funny thing is that I almost always do good when I dont know its getting close to money, if I have action on alot of tables and forget to look where we at I just play and often find myself itm with a good stack.

Unfortunatly busted both the High and low rebuy bonanza main events 8 and 10 off the money on the last day making the series overall a loosing couple weeks for me.

But only way is up and I keep the grind going, last week I shiped a couple of 10 Eur Fireball and one 5 eur Deep Space, I also got 2nd in Dwarf star, 800 multi, 10 eur singu, 10 eur deep, 5eur worm and a bunch of other ft:s. In the majors best result last week is 4th in Gargle, 6th in Abyss and 8th in Odyssey.

Im also ashamed to say I cheated a tiny bit and played a couple mtt:s on another site where I  came 5th in their 10K GDT PKO for 577 $ :happyshy:  

But now to the big stuff! I reached one of my goals this year shipping a UK pack :d:D:D The plan is to go to Glasgow for next event! 



Also, yesterday it was time for my favorite day of the month, DaVitsche streamleague and for the first time I somehow ended up in 1st place getting an additional Supernova ticket on top of the great bragging opportunities :D 

I say "somehow" since my 83 points usually only get u a second place, but who cares, I won :D


Okey now its time to start the sunday tables, I will very very much try to update after this session but we see how it goes.

Good luck today everybody and Thank you for reading, see you at the tables!

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Sunday session update!


MTT:s: Cashed 4/13 + 2 bountys in Ice Giant - Final tables 1/13 - Bubbleboy (girl?) 4/13 

Freerolls: 1/2 - Final Tables 1/2

Qualifiers: 0/4

Best result was a second place in Deep Space, which I got after the fastest HU ever, it lasted exactly 1 hand haha.


Goin HU I was behind with 50 vs 100bb, my opponent decides to open for stack and since I looked down at AKs and thought he probably is doing this with a wider range then KK+, I decided to take the flip and get a chance to switch stacks, his pocket sevens did hold but I think it was okey for me to make the call even if its not an optimal situation. If anyone have inputs im happy to hear them :)

Calling with AK in ICM spots was apperently my standard move yesterday and I had one situation in the 10 ticket Ice Giant Qualifier that I would appreciate thoughts on. I think my call was very marginal or even bad but I need someone to tell me Im not shooting myself in the foot if folding in this situation in the future. Unfortunetly I didnt take a screen shot so this is from memory. We were 15 players left and I had a middle stack being 8/15(38), the the table was a bit more active then the norm in qualifiers this close to itm so I wasnt extremly in need of chips even though I probably would need a steal or two to get itm.

Middle position that covers me open shove and Im on co or btn with AKo, in my memory the blinds are simular or a bit deeper then me so I dont expect any of them to come along 3 ways. History shows that Im apperently very able to call here so my question is Can I fold?


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Great blog. Congrats on your UK Tour package!

Btw, you mentioned you kept track of your all in pre with aces. Just curious as to how your keeping track of this, are you using any software or keeping track manually?

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Thank you @SvirAVI  No software, I just wrote it down for a couple of weeks. Stoped it now though, no need to dwell over such things, just wanted to see if I accualy got as many bad beats as I thought or if it was just in my head :) So now Im happy knowing I will have the good part of variace comming my way ;)


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