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Malta Poker Festival


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I was lucky enough to win community poker series second grand final and a package to Malta poker festival. Thanks again for nice promotion.

Here's a little blog of my trip to Malta. I'll fly there tomorrow morning and I'm staying 5 nights. Plan is to play 550€ main event on Friday. Not much other plans yet, let's see how the tournament goes.

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19 hours ago, Iceman said:

Thanks guys.

Maybe later today I visit the casino and try to find Andy's corner🙂

I left Helsinki at 6.15, stop in Munich, and just arrived to Malta. Hotel room wasn't ready so having a few pints now

I ended up playing a satellite for 3 and a half hours (didn't cash 😞 ) and then went straight to a team outing so was in the corner for about 10 minutes during the breaks. I should be there before the Day 1 starts until about 5pm and I'm desperate to stick patches on people and give away freebies!

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Poker Janitor

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A little summary of yesterday.

As a turbo and hyper fan I get sometimes bored and lose concentration in these slow deepstack tournaments. But yesterday I enjoyed playing the whole day. Of course it helps if you get good cards and hit flops😃

First table was ok. One guy was open limping and there was a couple of questionable shoves but nothing very crazy. I was lucky in the beginning, hit some sets, and got good starting hands. Didn't make any big mistakes, maybe missed some river bluff spots, but that happens all the time online too🙂

End of the day was tougher, table changed two times and I didn't get good cards and then lost only preflop allin flip of the day.

Today no poker, maybe tomorrow I play one of the smaller tournaments.





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Nice sunny day today. I walked to Sliema, there is very nice promenade between St Julian's and Sliema. I took a taxi back to hotel, but because of traffic jam would have been probably faster to walk😄

There was last tournament of poker festival at 5pm but I decided to go to hotel pool instead.☀️





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I had a couple of beers last night in Paceville pubs. A lot of people there on Monday too.

Now at the airport.

Next Unibet Open is in Malta, I can recommend it! I don't know my own schedule yet, but for sure I'll try to win a package for one of coming Unibet opens.

Bye bye Malta, I had fun. Thank you followers


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