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  1. Nice tourneys! I smashed out in style 4times GL to the rest of the gang
  2. The favorites have been winning so far, but this could quickly turn around… I wonder, what happens if all 36 remaining contestants gets knocked out in the same round?? @Seb-Unibet
  3. Well earned @cameleonuland @MaecTpo Excellent results and effort in the UOS
  4. wait, did you both make a FT again?? @cameleonul @MaecTpo What happens now...?
  5. One final application to Merenitsu's bad beat jackpot In one evening of UOS events, I lost twice to quads and once to a straight flush. Cant recall anything even close to this ever happening before, I almost had to laugh. May the flop be with you
  6. Hey! @Stubbe-Unibet I was just reading info about what it takes to win part of the nano leaderboard prize pool, but I found two different answers on the same page. One says that it's required to play over 55% of the events (minimum 17) and the other says it's required to play 70% of events (minimum 21). Can you clarify which one is correct? I was aiming for 17, and if it's 21 I would prefer to give up straightaway
  7. Again, thank you Unibet and @Stubbe-Unibetfor a great promo with great prizes. I think it's really unfair to them to start a huge argument, which could potentially take these promos away from all of us in the future. That said; I did also react on the lack of rules on how a winner would be awarded. It was only after I pointed it out that it was added specifically that only UOS events(including nanos) counted and that you didn't have to play with your community alias. And this was not done by replying to my post (which was simply ignored), and then later the promo post was changed to include this. And this has been a theme of previous community competitions as well. The rules have often been made up on the go, instead of having them clear from the beginning. And when the rules haven't been well clarified, it's just an invitation for later confusion and frustration. (so yeah, you say you will learn for next time, but this has happened before...) So, overall, my hopes from Unibet are these: keep up all these great community promotions, but spend some extra time on clarifying the rules beforehand (especially when the prize is as substantial as a 1100€ ticket. All the best to everyone!
  8. Sounds excellent. Well thought out rules and structure for the whole competition. 10/10 from me:)
  9. Thanks for the clarification and great promo @Stubbe-Unibet
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