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  1. Motley crue singer could not drive car, and Bruce is flying
  2. I feel like SCOBY now, but these hands we go in preflop and I lose. It's not hilo
  3. Nice comeback. You waited very patiently your spot. It can be very aggressive final table with this lineup
  4. easy to say if you are SScherbyna, king of flips. Is it correct to ask where are you from? And remember, don't take my comments too seriously. I like Bojack too
  5. I thought I can't win flips, but I guess I can btw 5-handed here AK is not that big favorite. 66 and 86s are good
  6. I have seen Cats in London, without Elaine Paige, but it is amazing show.
  7. Thanks, I try deleting cookies
  8. @comanimal nice score, and good luck if you play uos leaderboard. I just don't want make it too easy for you
  9. Well if we want Leningrad Cowboys Sakari Kuosmanen on jumala
  10. Almost every time I try to post message it's like this screenshot. Saving but nothing happens and I have to reload same message again and again
  11. If you block your own alias, I think you are out
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