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  1. @SCOBY In Finnish language rahat is money Dont be too sensitive, I would like to see more nicknames making fun of Finland. Btw, of all the people I have met, I think Romanians are the nicest people, followed by Spanish and Russians. Also have opinion of rudest people, but not going to tell it here.
  2. Oh, That's bad. I Hope you still have some pokersites where you can play. Honestly you are one of the best players in these community games
  3. Iceman

    UOS X

    Whaaat, the same guy won Unibet open main event again?? Well played sir. And congrats to @DavidLappin , not the greatest fan, and never will be, but poker is played for the money, gotta respect the results.
  4. Go to Santa flips promotion, and you can see flops, sng and hexa played
  5. Iceman

    UOS X

    It wasn't impossible to find hand history IXI-RX is the name of this staller, if you didn't check this already
  6. Iceman

    UOS X

    thanks, Stalling sucks, but I do it too because everybody does. I was thinking how is this possible, could it be a bot?
  7. Iceman

    UOS X

    Hand history imbossible to find. But this went way beyond Lappins stallin
  8. Iceman

    UOS X

    Low Uos saturday, there was someone stalling, he used all the time and then disconnect and come back
  9. I've just always assumed, that flips in this kind of promotion are not random. I go to play roulette now
  10. Really hard to believe that it's a random flip. Maybe it is, and totally fine if it isn't. Free extra value anyway.
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