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  1. I didn't get 10€ phase ticket either, but you can give my ticket to someone else. I already qualified for phase 2 and I'm not sure if I can play then. @Stubbe-Unibet
  2. Täähän on siis karmein juoma, mitä tiedän.
  3. Sure psycho is good customer, but I hope you treat others as well. Thanks, Good luck! 🤐
  4. Omg, you play satellites, which have overlay to tournament, which has overlay. Burning ev🙃.
  5. Sorry Psycho, but if you have phase tickets, you can use them on Sunday. At least one phase tomorrow, try to make bigger stack😁 phase tickets should not have any value after uos, right? @Andy-Relax
  6. Jäger 🤢🤢🤢. I could recommend finnish alcohol here, but I like beer
  7. I'm too busy to play uos seriously and I guess I used my luck at community league😄. GL, I really hope you have some iceman luck and win low leaderboard
  8. LLinus "timebank" LLomu . Sorry.
  9. I was in stadium Fin-Kaz, no more about that. Came back to hotel, almost did not play, but then I thought dont make it too easy for @SShcherbyna 😅
  10. So for example, you make a first deposit of 100 euros and get 100% welcome bonus. Your unibet account balance is 200 euros. Now you have to wager 35 times 100, before you can make a withdrawal, right? If you cancel this, you get 100 euros back?
  11. @Stubbe-Unibet You said that if you cancel bonus you lose all your wins, and later you say that your own money plays first. Makes no sense
  12. I think Unibet is fair site and terms and conditions are fine. Ofc maybe confusing for people who play these bonuses first time. Also possible troll here so I don't comment more
  13. This is really bad advice, if you have won something with bonus money😄 1900 wager isn't that bad, just check terms and conditions and try to find good game to wager.
  14. Honestly, this one I didn't want to win
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