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2019 year-in-review, 2020 what to expect & release notes 2.37 + downtime!


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An early release this month due to Christmas being just around the corner - hope you'll all have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones :)

As it's the last release of the year, I thought we should have a look at what's been accomplished this year. I'll also share a few thoughts and plans for 2020! 

Release notes this month are not that interesting, as the previous release was only a couple of weeks ago and most resources have been dedicated to the HexaPro client (more about that later in this post)


  • King of Flips January 2020
  • Jan and Feb 2020 Mid & High stakes Bootcamp
  • Yearly, quarterly and monthly MTT Leaderboards 2020
  • January 2020 Mission
  • 4 new avatars unlocked through Q1 Challenges


Improvements/New features/Bug fixes

  • Web/browser client build fix so we can launch Santa´s Challenge and 31 days of X-mas promos from this channel
  • Game integrity improvement (tracking related)
  • New CIP Games



We are updating Unibet Poker server side on Tuesday 10/12/2019 05:00-06:00 UTC.

Games will be paused during update.

New SNG tournament creation disabled 1 hour before update.

Update may be finished earlier.


2019 year-in-review

2019 has been a great year for Unibet poker with several all time high records (yesterday we beat another one, with the highest number of new real money customers), and it was also the year where we could celebrate the fifth birthday (since launching our own client) and hands played! :Popeye:

I've tried to do a complete recap, in terms of client items, but I've surely missed a few items. Overall an amazing year in terms of getting as close to an error-free experience as possible. The focus on bugs has of course had an impact on the features/improvements, but now we're almost there with the bugs, so 2020 will be more exciting, when it comes to new stuff! :)

Bug fixes:

  1. Hand replayer incorrect hands shown
  2. Addon doesn't work when late reg during addon break
  3. Notification icon only changes state upon login
  4. Web client login issue
  5. Scandinavian characters (åäöø) are being set as lower case
  6. Grey screen upon login
  7. Grey screen when session terminated or moved to another platform
  8. Website loading within client
  9. Reconnect issue
  10. No fold button - incorrect action button shown (seems to be back now though, but in a slightly different way this time: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Hilarious-bug-No-FOLD-button/idi-p/195232)
  11. Client banner loading extremely slow
  12. Addon break breaking table focus on mobile/tablet
  13. Visualize in Tour Lobby if a late registration tournament has closed late registrations due to prizes being reached. This originates from a bug report = "Late registration closing before it's supposed to"
  14. Incorrect tournament finishing position
  15. Alias highlight in tournament lobby only working with active alias (partly fixed. Still issue if alias is deleted/replaced)
  16. Tournament Monitor Issues (wide range of issues related to MTT info in the client being incorrect at times)
  17. Empty tournament schedule upon login
  18. Play in BB display issues (only partly solved)
  19. "Open table" on web not working
  20. Display issue with table switch animation when in SNG queue
  21. Change of alias before tournament starts results in multiple aliases for some user
  22. Client crashing when closing window on OSX
  23. Holecards position in replayer is off on desktop
  24. Timezone issue - different time on table and in lobby (might still be an issue with some timezones. Will test soon)
  25. OM icon only working on mobile
  26. Login doesn´t remember username (only partly solved)
  27. Grey screen upon login (new greyscreen issue)
  28. Wrong info in MTT on-table info box
  29. Level 0 in MTT lobby
  30. Backoffice player ID shown on frontend in MTT lobby
  31. Registration randomly showing as closed
  32. Missing fold button
  33. Bounty freerolls got stuck regularly
  34. Attempt more rebuys than you've tickets and bust
  35. Bust when doing multi rebuy with different ticket types
  36. Final table not created right away
  37. When using fast fold, 'attention' sound still apprears
  38. Change of alias before tournament starts results in multiple aliases for some user
  39. Players stuck at starting stack and with odd positions 
  40. Changed tournaments from green to red in tour lobby as soon as late reg is closed
  41. Finished tournaments not showing in client long enough
  42. On-table previous hand info issue when playing in BB (values are for current level, not the actual level that was applied to the respective hand)


Features/improvements/new product

  1. HexaPro only client launched on several casino brands. New and more mobile optimized client with portrait mode support (see pictures and more info here: https://mobile.twitter.com/pokerprojones/status/1202247711044571142)
  2. New mobile UI
  3. Hand rankings at table
  4. Replace MTT images
  5. Updated Prize distribution
  6. Tournament cancellation Policy improvements, idea and implementation
  7. Final table background option
  8. Tournament theme table background option (we haven't started making use of this one yet)
  9. METAL OSX improvements for MacOS
  10. Stack in Big Blinds in tournaments
  11. Setting to disable notifications
  12. Cash game ticket cleared notification. Whenever you clear a cash game ticket you'll now get a notification confirming the amount.
  13. Post big blind out of position
  14. Improved positioning and size of 2bb, 3bb etc. buttons on mobile
  15. Squeeze cards (delay on river card being shown/slower animation)
  16. Post BB out of position
  17. Increased font size in settings & cashier on mobile
  18. New Unibet branding added
  19. New table designs added
  20. Few MTT filter changes
  21. HexaPro 25x multiplier now hands out three prizes (80%/12%/8%)
  22. Hide the balance with “???” if user selects ‘Play another’ in HexaPro and the user has setting balance is hidden (was more of a bug really)
  23. New prize type “Satellite Cash” that fills the first position in a Satellite prize dists that does not cover a ticket to get cash.
  24. Leaderboard icon added in the top bar in main menu
  25. Changed time to act in HexaPro (20 to 15 sec)
  26. Visual improvements of login screen


New promotions developed

  1. Rags to riches
  2. Jackpot mania


2020 - what to expect?

As mentioned before, I think we're almost there in terms of bug fixing. I hope we'll be able to solve at least the majority of the below in the first half of 2020.

  1. "-" shown in MTT player list (mostly in larger tournaments when 150-90 players left)
  2. SB leaves, new BB pays both BB out of position and BB (extremely rare is it requires "perfect" timing for it to happen)
  3. Hand for hand kicking in too early/when it shouldn't + hand for hand notification when it's not hand for hand
  4. Current position not shown in MTT when table alias is replaced/deleted
  5. SNG's to be tilled by ID
  6. Play in BB display issues


In terms of more exciting stuff, you'll see a completely new and redesigned client (table design won't change much - desktop will look more like mobile)! It'll also be a year with a lot of work going into a new loyalty system, which we plan on launching early 2021. Some of the things I wish from Santa this year, to be delivered next year:

  1. Timebank/time to act improvements
  2. Ratholing rules/improvements
  3. Delayed downloadable HH, in anonymous format with only Hero identified
  4. In-client cashier and registration
  5. Completely redesigned client


Below a small tease for the new design.



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@Ja-z-Polszy wrote:

Yearly, quarterly and monthly MTT Leaderboards 2020 looks juicy :happy:

We'll share more info about this promotion at a later stage, but I might as well mention already, that this promo is more about the prestige and honor (being the best, or one of the best, low/high MTT player on Unibet). There's of course also prizes tied to it, but consider it more like added value in addition to all the regular promos, UOS etc. :)

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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New table designs?

Elimination of the 1 hand disconnections?

I'm demanding answers! 😉

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We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
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@polarbear wrote:

@psrquack wrote:

So the next update will come at

A, Tuesday

B, Thursday

C, stop asking just make us rake.

what rake has to do with updating?

You have to double up your generated rake in December compairing to November to get access to the updated client.

(Means communication is not so important toward to players letting them know the date of the next upgrade).

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@kasperi, you should just consider this added value. It's not a promo that's meant to have huge value and reward a lot of players; it's mostly about the prestige and showing you're better than your friend, other community members etc., or perhaps even the best MTT player on the entire site :)

Perhaps @JeppeL and @RayL will run a small community leaderboard, based on this promo, so more players could get something :)


Please also note that there're the freerolls as well, so it's not actually limited to the podium positions.


We'll continue with UOS and various other MTT promos :)

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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@FirstVillain wrote:

@Stubbe-Unibet wrote:
  1. Delayed downloadable HH, in anonymous format with only Hero identified


When can we expext that feature? It is planned for first half of the year or later? Will there be possibility to download hands that were played before this feature introduced?

The other ones on the list are fairly certain for first half of the year. That one isn't. It's not actually on the roadmap yet, and it's mostly a wish from me at this stage - no guarantee it'll be delivered next year. Hope it can be ready around November, but really can't commit to that. 

Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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