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  1. Hi, first of all, thanks for bonus i received this week, but unfortunately i don't think i can complete it. It's little bit higher than previous one, which push me to limits and also we have christmas time, so my volume now will be also lowered a bit. I don't know if i completed two previous bonuses and i will be eligible to get this lowered bonus, but if not, please just cancel current one. I will buy one or two 25e bonuses by BP and walk into new year on slowmo mode
  2. Hi, i have two tickets UO ticket freeroll and Unibet Open Package Freeroll ticket i suppose both of them are for the same tournament but they will expire before the start of any of these tournaments, can I ask for an extension?
  3. Hey, i think i found a bug in a promo or in T&C. Yesterday a had a st8 flush and all cards was on the board. It was AKQJTs on it, and i still got points for the leaderboard. On your page in T&C part it stands So i think i not supposed to get them. Anyway i also want to mention and maybe start a discussion about those bootcamps, cuz i think rules are very unfair for those who grind pretty much but on lower stakes (NL/PL 25/50 or NL/PL200) Points multiplyers are way too high, personally i think that should havent been any. Race should be as simple as possible eg. hands played count or flop seen, maybe with some little flavours or bonuses but not in scale that they are now. Daily races are just ridiculous, they are nothing more than 'hit ur str8 flush or get nothing', especially if u are play at lower leaderboard stake (im not if someone question) To sum things up i just think bootcamps needs a little redesign
  4. Stop lossing, and you dont need to rebuy :atisfied:
  5. Ive got another question about those tournaments. I'm pretty sure that i got two tickets and registered to 3rd January tournament and the today one. But when i log in i saw that today tournament is going without me and second ticket is gone :( I'm asking because i do not know what is going, mb i dont register to today tournament and ticket just expired but i dont know how to check that.
  6. Hi, I'd like the results only for 2020 nl50 holdem, please. If this is possible i will appreciate information about amount of challenge points acquired on each quarter and any winnings in the promos like santa flips etc. Thank you.
  7. +1, or on UTG, and i think im on BB. Next thing is rebuy button which covers avatar and nickname. I think just '+' button will be enough, i caught myself few times when i just want to popup table and i accidentaly fire topup/rebuy screen. I like big 'Fold to any bet' button but i think it may be centered like 'wait for BB', now its pushed to the left and other tables cover it when im playing (my tables are set in tile). Anyway i like new design it fells faster and smoother than the old one. gj! Now im waiting for downloadable handhistories And one more thing about current hh. It would be nice if i can search more hands than the recent idk - 100? and if could be sorted by for ex. pot size
  8. Is this mean that downloadable anonymized hand histories are on its way to us? :wow:
  9. Anyone expecting problems with animation in poker client after updating Windows10 to 2004 version? For me table animations are working like in slowmo mode or dropped half of previous fps :( Got i7/gtx1050ti so laptop performance is not a problem and everything was fine before update.
  10. Pass plz! This time i won't give up so easily
  11. Oh no! What we gonna do now?! Can't play if someone with that abusive nickname plays at my table :waterfall:
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