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As this thread is solved I'll open a new one about my problems with tiling since Windows 10 wasinstalled. It will be at general poker, because this isn't something I hope to be solved quickly as usual by  @Stubbe-Unibet@Andy-Unibet or other staff member.

However the developers might decide to change the display ratio or make it easy to customize manually or with programs like Jurojin.

I will be very glad if the members having the same problem post in the thread about tiling issues and provide their monitor specs and settings.


@comanimal  @FreedoM  @pinki or other computer savvy members, if you could provide helpful information too it will be very beneficial.

Even if you can't make the tiling perfect (without gaps) or experience something related, please respond. This is the way  to make the developers aware that some of us can't set-up a suitable layout for multitabling. Then they might make the required change in the next release.


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There are gaps between the the tables when I use the default size and resize them 4x4 for example:


I have to resize and make larger one table by few pixels, then to use the option for the current size. This need to be done whenever the setup is changed or at the session start, at least. Sometimes when playing 3 tables the replayer shows up at the center instead when is it's remembered position. It looks a bit better this way, but the gaps aren't gone completely, but at least aren't between the tables and move around them. When using solid colour for background it looks better:


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