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Community Answers

  1. Nothing is wrong with the data, unfortunately extremes just don't get counted in the game lab
  2. I was 2/3 done and when I saw there were 5x and 100x left in my new hexa, I can honestly tell you that I was rooting for the 5x just so that I could complete the mission
  3. Go to Iron Bank through the desktop client (not through the website) and the spins will be there
  4. Forgot to mention the action. Not that it makes a difference, but somehow it feels a little dirtier
  5. Yeah, that was just my way of saying good luck tonight
  6. I like those odds, seems like you're gonna win it
  7. CRS#13 6-max turbo is 9-max instead of 6-max
  8. Same, didn't get any captchas as well until yesterday, now every log-in 😞
  9. Also missing from the Hendon Mob Championship direct buy-in
  10. Live event tag missing from the Festival seat only sat
  11. 5tickets gtd, 4players required to start - can't be a losing player when you play these sats 😄
  12. The high LB payouts are wrong (not a bug I know, but still needs to be fixed 😃)
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