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  1. Super easy solution - just try to register a tournament with your ticket, you can see the exact date and time then in the drop down menu. For me personally, the date seems to be on December only in these tickets with no months written on them.
  2. Yes, that's probably very true, but there's a super easy fix to that - just hold a bigger magnet behind the screen, point it toward the number you bet on and profit! You can thank me later
  3. By going crazy you mean acting rationally to actually have a chance at the leaderboard? IMO it would actually make for a more interesting competition if only the profit part of the bet would give you points and not the stake itself (just like with free bets) - for example if you picked that Belgium will win at 2.15 then you get 1.15 points as 1 was you wager itself. The goal being to encourage more people to pick outsiders more often then not and therefore bring more volatility = more fun to the competition
  4. 1 x 2 2.80 3.05 3.00 X 1 x 2 1.80 3.40 5.75 X 1 x 2 1.40 4.80 10.00 X
  5. Belgium vs. Russia 1 x 2 2.02 3.45 4.55 X Denmark vs. Finland 1 x 2 1.34 5.10 11.50 England vs. Croatia 1 x 2 1.65 3.90 6.20 X Austria vs. North Macedonia 1 x 2 1.75 3.50 6.00 X Netherlands vs. Ukraine 1 x 2 1.68 3.85 5.90 X
  6. Hopefully a bounty reward can find its way into my account.. That is to say GIV ME THAT BOOTY!!! @Stubbe-Unibet Please
  7. Don't cut my post like that, please I said would limit or just remove PLO from the schedule as well with one of the main reasons being that it's just not that fun more me I guess we just have to agree to disagree on PLO But I agree that Banzai can definitely be super fun though
  8. Agree with what's been told earlier about removing banzai and ante only, but in addition to that I would limit or just remove PLO from the schedule as well, because it's also super high variance, which makes it very hard to win one of the jackpots on the same day. And maybe more importantly, I just don't have any enjoyment playing PLO/ante only/etc and mainly play them only when I have to - they just take too much attention away from my other tables and unfortunately they're just not that fun for me Couple of other suggestions as well. First of, as I've seen a lot of community members playing in €25+ events, so I would experiment adding a higher buy-in (€25) to the community league as well. If it doesn't get a lot of members, just cancel it after first week with no leaderboard prizes being payed out, no problem. At least we tried it out then And secondly, I would make the next community league maybe just before, but definitely not during UOS as I imagine a lot of players can have very limited table space available during that time. Also, if you're playing the high events also, it's really hard to justify playing a €100 and €1 tourny at the same time, it's just really not worth it Sorry if it got a bit long, just my 2 cents on this
  9. IIRC you have to wait for the intro animation to end to play with the free spins, if you press the spin button before it uses your account balance.
  10. Not too big of a fan of PKOs personally, but I must say that the structure made it a very welcomed delight to play as it provided a nice change of pace to the otherwise dragged out Sunday majors. Well done!
  11. To me it's quite clear that It means how long the level last (hyper 3mins, turbo 6mins, regular/slow 10mins or more), the total duration of the tournament itself has nothing to do with it.
  12. Just to confirm, I'd like max poker points, so 3x €10 for the weekly and 5x €20 free bets for the overall leaderboard if I'm getting it right. Thanks again!
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