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  1. I says I got 2 new bonuses but when I click on "bonus" I find nothing. Can you please either A) Give me the bonuses B) Remove them so that I can receive new bonuses Also, I also got an active bonus that I don't want to be active anymore. Remove please.
  2. Hi, Everyday for as long as I can remember there has been several $25 Omaha Pot Limit freerolls. Have you stopped these?
  3. Hello, Normally when a cash game poker ticket is completed and I have played all the required hands - the amount accumulated would be added to the account blance. But not now. Maybe because of the recent Unibet technical difficulties?
  4. Hi! When I logged in to the poker client today it says I got an autumn freeroll ticket today. However, I am not allowed to enter any of today's two tournaments. Can you explain this and also give me access? Thanks
  5. Hi, Yesterday was a game in Iceland division 3 soccer. Aegir Thorlakshofn - Dalvík/Reynir The game was postponed, but I never got it corrected in my bet slip. It just says "waiting". Isn't it void if not played within 12 hours? Tried contacting customer service twice but in vain.
  6. No answer here. No working customer service chat. Do I really have to make a phone call?
  7. I placed a bet on an ice hockey world champs game. But I never received a ticket for this freeroll. I also meet the other requirements.
  8. Can't log in to betting app. I can, however log in to website, but when trying to make a sports bet it says i'm not logged in. Anyone else experiencing problems?
  9. This also looks suspicious. @Leo-Unibet @Murray74 In todays casino.org freeroll are 8 out of 10 registered with upper case letters. It is easy for them (if they cooperate) to do well since it is so easy to distinguish each other due to the usernames. Furthermore. The password given at casino.org Twitter doesnt work. Still all these with upper case letter usernames registered almost simultaneously. Coincident?
  10. It is now impossible to register for the jackpot freeroll of today. 45 minutes left until deadline. The register button isnt clickable. Fix this please @RayL @JeppeL
  11. Stubbe. With all due respect. If someone, i.e, me (as a loyal customer for 15 years) suggests an improvement that is really not that hard to fix; and this is the response...well, I guess Unibet does not value its customers to the extent that is customary and (probably) necessary to survive in todays growing market of betting/poker sites. I think you misunderstood what I was really suggesting. In the old version platform it was possible to sort all the tournaments just by one click. If I for example wanted to see all the trnys sorted after buy-in, name, etc. then it was just one click away. I just took freerolls as an example. By the way, I really think you are wrong when saying that Freerolls aren't important. They actually play an important roll in getting new players "hooked" and later on also play for real money. But that's a totally different discussion and unrelated to what I wanted to discuss. If you still don't know/care/bother to take the suggestion of mine in consideration; well then just take a look at how i.e Excel or databases like Access work. They would be virtually useless without the simple function of "sorting". I'm a bit surprised that this can't be done. Many of the other suggestions made by other customers in here are much harder to implement. I know this as I'm in the profession of programming. Anyhow, have a nice evening now, and try to have focus on keeping as many customers as possible instead of the opposite. Cheers!
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