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Poker release notes 3.2


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Release date: 17th November
Next release: 15th December

Christmas is - almost - here! The release has a few xmas treats for you all, there're required German regulatory changes, a few bug fixes and improvements.


  • UOS X: 22nd November – 16th December (last event 13th Dec)
  • Santa Flips: 1st December – 31st December


  • 31 Days of Christmas: 1st December – 31st December


  • HexaPro Race: 13th Nov – 13th Dec
  • Jackpot Mania: 24th Aug -->


New features/Improvements

  • Added info bubble with descriptive text on every game format (except MTT). Text shows when mouse over/tap on mobile.
  • Cash game: Rebuy popup will now close when clicking outside popup to speed up and ease multi table play.
  • Mobile: Portrait mode added for two backgrounds.
  • Desktop client: Improve dealer button position on table to better clarify which player has the button. Improved on both 6 and 9 handed and Texas and Omaha respectively.
  • Ability to disable MTT Themed background in Settings:


  • German table cap and panic button. CIP removed.



Bug fixes

  • HexaPro Mobile: Table doesn’t start if the user will put app in background during lottery
  • MTT: Sometimes players are unable to do addon if they declined rebuy at a Rebuy/Addon phase
  • MTT: Prize info not displayed in specific lobby/tournament info after disconnections/changing channel when ongoing MTT
  • MTT: Specific lobby, the “viewed tournaments” section showed incorrect starting month
  • MTT: Yellow highlighted color fixed (shows as green in current version)
  • WEB: Ongoing games not loaded on reconnection
  • SNG: SNG game loading in background and not visible to player if it started while player was re-connecting to client



We are updating Unibet Poker server side on Tuesday 17/11/2020 05:00-06:00 UTC.

Games will be paused during update.

New SNG tournament creation disabled 1 hour before update.

Update may be finished earlier.


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I think it's been mentioned before but the button is in the wrong place in portrait mode on iOS app. Makes it hard to work out position. 

Also been having issue last couple of nights when trying to move from iPhone app to iPad app and says I am logged in to previous app. Wont let me log into either. 

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Hi Stubbe,

Still getting the following bugs with the mobile (ipad) version:

1. Resizing/text size issues when going freom landscape to portrait or vice versa - app defaults to small size text and won't go back.

2. Search box becomes large when you click on it, and won't disappear when you click elsewhere, obscuring the Omaha/Hold em buttons.

3. Occasional login fail when you allow the app to lapse and log itself out. On relogin attempt it severally says "you're logged into another device . . . " or "you're logged out" and won't log you back in no matter how many times you repeat. Have to kill app and reopen to login.

4. Occasional inability to put in a password for password-entry tournaments. Text box appears, but can't put text in. Have to kill app to reset - going to another page and coming back doesn't work.

Also - a more global request - in rebuy tournamemnts, is it possible to have the rebuy/add-on options for a tournament either appear on the same box simultaneously (as they do in some other software) with checkboxes so that rebuy and add on options are easily distinguished? Either that or put the rebuy option in a different colour to the add on? I accidentally rebought when I meant to add on in the 50 rebuy Omaha UOS. This would not be a problem if the rebuy and the add on gave you the same number of chips, but as the add on is worth twice the value of the rebuy for the same price, that's a really bad idea financially at that point!

a) there's no way to go back and correct your mistake once you've made it, and b) it's easy in the heat of the moment, if multitabling to miss that it's asking you for a rebuy not an add on and misclick it, because the window is almost identical.


Many thanks.

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Just realized I never replied here :)

Thanks for the feedback guys! Apart from one, they're all known issues, and the password issue will be fixed on Tuesday :)

The combined rebuy and addon dialog is on my wishlist, but no ETA on that one at this stage.

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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Not sure where to post so I'll do it here, about the advent calendar, I received a €5 bonus couple of days ago? and think it's a playthough bonus like the reward for the 26th but I can't see it in my tickets/bonus tab. I do have 3 bonuses queue'd up so maybe it only shows 3 max? Not sure, I did get the notification for it but can't see it.

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