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  1. Shame on me! This is the basic that clearing cookies helps in the 90% of cases... Thx @Stubbe-Unibet!
  2. Situation escalated, can't post anything from notebook. Page refreshed, logged out and in and nothing.
  3. So just wanted to check the number of good picks, and saw this (time travellers or fortune tellers and wrong result): Edit: can't post from notebook, so took a "screenshot"
  4. I don't think so. Today I got the 5 spins and I'm in game now, waiting for the result of tonight match so probably I'll have a 4-long streak.
  5. Yes, @MadAdo, 4th pick was wrong first time, yesterday I won again the 3rd pick, so now I won 40 cent from freespins.
  6. And the very last thingy is: NO INSULT, just my wife works the same fkin way as you reacted (yeah, I don't have an easy life).
  7. tanács (by Google translate) advice, council, counsel, suggestion, rede OK, I'm out. This is really endless and pointless. If you want, just exclude me from this very nice planned and very well executed promotion. You don't represent your firm too well... You get everything personally, and don't care how the client feels. I feel bad. From the very first (LATE) post. But wanted to play and win that's why I came here. I felt serious missings so wanted to help/advise/suggest. You didn't get it, and you became personalist. The bundle 3 just strenghtended my feels that you didn' give a good excel to fill out. But you are arrogant that you have a plan and don't need advises and suggestions how to run a promo. OK! I stop here. If I'll have chance, I'll participate, if not, well, good. GL all of you fellow members! I beleive some members had similar toughts...
  8. Can you explain this part? Try to reread but don't find complaints, just positivity, advises except the last one. I don't get your point. But you know what? Don't explain, I am 1000% now that you are a really woman! As I can see I am OK, till I advise sg or complain. You didn't even react to the proposions just when you feel "attacked". That' s not okay in any aspects
  9. Sadly I don't have your plan, and I can't predict your next step. That' s a real issue. I' ve just proposed that every match will be in the game. If the original plan was like this, well I apologize. Sorry to say that but you started to sound in my head like a real woman.
  10. When suddenly a leaderboard has to be done when you don't expect a new matchday! It's okay, I was the idiot who was asking for it.
  11. The hair will stand up on my back when you will send me this smiley next time! Like a serial killer
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