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  1. Maybe just one thing: why no K on the board???
  2. Unfair bet, dealer pushes back your chips, Turms2 wins the pot.
  3. Nope. I'm saying once they reach the top of the pyramid by playing online, their needs will change time to time, and once they'll see the whole online poker like pixels and clicking, and no more creativ activity, they have to set up other goals to reach in life.
  4. One of the hungarian pros used the exact same words when he finished his pro career and asked the purpose why he stopped to be pro player... interesting, but if you know there was a guy named Maslow, and his theory (pyramid) explains a lot.
  5. Sry to ducking around in your thread but those prices shocked me! I mean, the prizes in Hungary just blew up during the last few years, and we are the cheapest in the EU??? Have to start to hate beer and pálinka...
  6. I'm noob enough to guess that KerelMaat had some mid-low pockets, and the shortstack had some KJo garbage or stuff like that. I'm curious now!
  7. I am not "that pro" whose opinion you need, but I think there is just one real option: call and prepare to fold or to go all in on flop. EDIT: or allin pre? Is there a rebuy option?
  8. Apparently the strongest part of the TCs is the follows, as always: Management reserve the right to cancel or amend part, or all, of this promotion at any time
  9. Meh, embarrassing that I was confusing and have to explain that I was refering to tag the members in the right way. The GIF is just explaining my amusement, so nothing for you @FreedoM. EDIT: Just read up one post.
  10. EDIT: Anyway, you @ Unibet should show your ambassadors how community works. Right, @FreedoM
  11. Next time I will play the freespins on the mobile from the website, that's the fastest way I think.
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