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  1. Congrats, good job, but wtf you bet means? I wont google it....(cannot copy, have no characters like that)
  2. I feel myself now when I don't know who is the fish at the table. And the whale is me...
  3. OMG! I am shutting down myself. Apologies, Jami-Recorph!
  4. I have to agree with the guys above. @Stubbe-Unibet and @Recorph promised a lot with starting the new community, but instead of introduction of the new staff, Recorph just disappeared???!!! WTF is going on here? Nothing special happened? Guys, seriously everybody is blind, or WHAT THE ACTUAL F U C K??? That @SkilfulPoker guy has disappeared also and nobody blinked one, despite he was threated like a VIP, got an own freeroll and so on. It's smelly, and I want answears, please!
  5. I've seen too many masturBATOR pics in this topic...
  6. Hungarian BRAVE man (or woman) who masturbates. Why are you sad? Don't you brave enough to masturbate?
  7. And the worst thing is when you click on "Unibet home", you have to login again on the main page.. EDIT: yes, and it is not the main page but the Sportsbook
  8. More ribeye instead of rebuy!
  9. Sriously, 66eur bounty??? I've just removed my like from your post! You don' t need it it with that kind of luck!
  10. Congrats on that one. Stubbe answered my question about this promo in other topic which was delegated to replay reward. You just reinforced my opinion that it is as useful as the teat on the bull...
  11. Anyone was handsomely rewarded for his best suggestion? Just asking.
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