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  1. Nevertheless being the anti-social member of community have to say it was an awsome competition, and made more enjoyable to see the matches. The last bundle was that I really missed from the begginning (post in time, easy text to copypaste), thx for that @Jami-Unibet. No words how I appreciate your excel-performance @Purps! Congrats to all the winners especially to the top 10. Being 11th really s#cks.
  2. Winner: Italy BTTS: Y Total goals by Italy: O1.5 Total goals by England: O0.5 Total corners by Italy: O2.5 Total corners by England: O3.5 Immobile: to score Kane: to score
  3. Sry, my fault that I think differently. I think it was obvious until semis for example HUN-POR you can pick just 1 outcome, but talking about corners, regarding bets you can pick one over AND one under outcome the same time. Of course, it is just a game, not a bet but I don't know how to explain myself in any other way... I hope that I'm clear now, didn't want to make trouble just was a simple question. As I said, I'll pick one outcome, but I don't get the point why was it a weird question from my side.
  4. Sry @Purps you didn't get the joke, my fault, must be the heat or really the language barriers. Of course i'll pick one choice per market. Sry for offtopic
  5. Jesus, dafuq is wrong with you (or with me)? I just asked a normal question, because wondered about the odds (you know, odds, bets where you can chose that option). After the joke was OBVIOUS. sry if you didn' appreciated it.
  6. Hey, @Purps dude, I really appreciate your work with the sheets, but you really know THE PLAN?
  7. Hey, @Jami-Unibet, as I see everybody is thinking in just over OR just under regarding the goals and corners. Is it possible to pick for example italian goals over 0.5 AND under 2.5? Thx for the answer in advance.
  8. And what about this one? https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/sport/english-fans-accused-of-pointing-laser-at-denmarks-goalkeeper-ahead-of-kanes-euros-penalty/news-story/89657b04dc3a45c2e428d746720a8349?amp Sportsmanship... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DDREZ-gqVfzc&ved=2ahUKEwjay9L6kNPxAhWR3eAKHcyZAPcQo7QBegQIBhAE&usg=AOvVaw1xuIUN9Edlw8holSNovJJx
  9. LOL. Nice to see that somebody takes care this free promo for free. Thank you, @Purps!
  10. Switzerland vs Spain: 2-2 (Seferovic) Belgium vs Italy: 2-1 (Lukaku) Czech Republic vs Denmark: 1-3 (D. Kasper) Ukraine vs England: 0-2 (Sterling)
  11. As I see it will be hard to KO Jami, because of being chipleader.
  12. There are tiny emoticons in the bottom right corner of the posts, so you can easily explain your .
  13. I'm out and someone sais that I'm crying!!!! LOL And he rocks as I see. What a surprise! (No, not crying for fraud.)
  14. I didn't know that the old one will come back after the new bonus expired. Once I had same situation, and LC guy wrote this, but he removed the active one anyway.
  15. @Livertool with activation of another bonus your activ bonus is removing as far as I know.
  16. It's amazing that nobody tought there will be 4,5+ goals at CRO-SPA!!! What a match!
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