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  1. Glad to see you back playing and you seem to be enjoying it a bit more. Been finding NL25 ridiculously tight myself the last couple of months so started playing Hexapro and Tournaments part time. How have you been getting on with Poker Scientist?
  2. Hello, I accidentally flipped the wrong ticket. Wanted to exchange the Unibet Open €50 but ended up exchanging my general tournament €50. would it be possible to get my €50 one back in place of Unibet Open one? Thanks
  3. Thanks for feedback. Have 600 in account so not close to 1K at moment.
  4. Cheers for the feedback. Game is pretty good at 10NL but probably best to settle at 25NL first. Tempted by the €55 in Bonus plus the tournament ticket but the €50NL ticket is probably going to be difficult to get through 300 flops. Hopefully play you at some point this year.
  5. Have been doing the Moving On Up promotion and quite enjoying it. Normally play 10NL but was planning on moving up to 25NL soon anyway so completing the challenges was not an issue. Question is whether should do 50NL this week. Found the level of play at 25NL totally fine but not sure how much of a jump up there is to 50NL. A Also trying to work out a rough idea of how many people are liable to be in the final tournament? Any guesses? Think this tournament has been run before. Any thoughts from people about how much of a jump up 50NL is or how to get an idea of comparing the risk of playing with potential bonus.
  6. Can I get cash results split by stake from 14 Jan. Thanks
  7. Had a very similar hand this week with 2nd Nuts. Thought about folding to raise them realised I was being ridiculous and called while crying a bit. Was up against a baby flush.
  8. From looking at a bit of database analysis from another site at the weekend, players 4Bet plus range is really value heavy. I have got to the stage of only calling QQ+, AK. Might be too nitty but not worth the tilt when lose stack AQ vs AK etc. I started reading the Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler. Really not a self help book kind of person but finding it really useful to get a bit of perspective and pick up some tips about coping with tilt.
  9. Thanks for this, really grateful you put the time into the response. Have been subscribed to a training site for a few months and feel it is getting to its usefulness soo need something else to work with to keep motivation up to improve game. Bought some hand histories the other day to look up some population analysis which was fun. Might give this a go, what I was meaning about effort is I am happy to put hours in but can’t be bothered with a programme that isn’t user friendly. Poker Scientist actually looks quite slick and useable. Should have said last post I have been really enjoying blog, started playing again around the time it started and have been checking in every week for inspiration. Not playing as high stakes as 100NL but can appreciate the bad variance. Had a horrible time in November as had to move down stakes, not because of bankroll but the constant bad beats were starting to affect my game, was doubting my self and getting on tilt too much. Did the trick though and moved back up and been good since.
  10. How are you getting on with Poker Scientist. Read about it last night and am quite tempted. Is it worth having the full package or just the silver part. Been tempted with a solver for a while but don’t know if I have the energy for one that takes a lot of effort. Working on mobile is also a big plus for me.
  11. Hi, could I please get my cash game results from 2 September split by stake. Thanks
  12. I think it's been mentioned before but the button is in the wrong place in portrait mode on iOS app. Makes it hard to work out position. Also been having issue last couple of nights when trying to move from iPhone app to iPad app and says I am logged in to previous app. Wont let me log into either.
  13. I still seem to have the app crash at least once a night. Using iOS app and iPhone XR.
  14. I am the same. Using an iPhone XR and generally play for an hour or two a night. Getting kicked out of app or the screen just goes wonky and have to restart. It’s happened so many times I am getting really sick of it. You are in the middle of hands and then you are scrambling to restart before timer runs out. Then when you can’t get back quickly enough you have to wait for big blind and lose your extra timer. Really frustrating. I don’t really understand how this has happened as I have never come across an iOS app that is anywhere near as buggy. What happened during testing (assuming there must have been some thorough testing)
  15. Hey sent you a message with email but no reply. Can I get my Cash/MTT/SNG/Hex results from start of July up until the day you send out. Could you split my cash by stake and Banzai/Hold’em. Thank you.
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