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  1. Why can't I register for Community 200 on 12/21/20 20:00 CET. Wrong password. xmastree
  2. it looks like you've been a spam pro for a long time, once you've reached level 23. spam further show your class.
  3. oh my god if you are such a pro spent 27 years playing that you should make a small deposit and double or triple it. Yes, not to mention the fact that here you can get up from the free ones. Maybe you are not as professional as you say?
  4. I ask knowledgeable people to explain how flips with Santa Claus go? Let's say I won the first 3 flips in a row and lost 4, the result is reset to 0 or remains in the same position. And do you need to somehow fix your winnings or is it automatically credited?
  5. contact the Live Chat on the Unibet website.
  6. Look at time and date of the game. If everything is correct, contact the Live Chat on the Unibet website.
  7. you are a cool anti-predictor. this is a new direction in betting)
  8. Live chat service will help you
  9. what is the reason for blocking?
  10. I wish you good luck and look forward to your results
  11. only probability. soon you may not see them at all
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