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Unibet Open Qualifier tree changes - Have your say!


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7 hours ago, jerry said:


Many times registration ends before time is running out. Registration in the screenshot should be open till 20:05 and it ended at 19:50. It happen from time to time and is little annoying :classic_rolleyes:



It's a long standing bug caused by a player being eliminated very early in the tournament. If you look at the eliminated player here, they have a 5 next to them because they were eliminated when only 5 players were active in the tournament. The software then caps registration to ensure the payout table doesn't reach a point where there would be 5 prizes.

It would take some major work on the server to resolve so I don't expect it to happen any time soon. My suggestion (and I know it's a weak one) is to register on time so that you can take advantage of situations like this as capped tournaments tend to overlay.

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It won't help, as they increased minimum players demanded from 7 to 8. It's similar stuff in other flip satellites now, many just get cancelled like:


Rather just make them all of those run with 7 entrants.

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On 2/5/2023 at 12:23 AM, jerry said:

And trifecta completed. Please revert to 1 ticket guaranteed.



Short answer to this is going to be no 🙂

Even with the higher cancellation rate since the change, we're generating more tickets per day than with 1 ticket GTD. It's just the evening ones that are causing a problem so I've just removed them.

It's a change that's really only going to affect the hoarders 😉

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