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New challenge for my 5th year as a Unibet Ambassador


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First of all, I'd like to thank all of my viewers for their loyalty and support over these past 4 years. If it wasn't for you guys I woulnd't still be doing my dream job!

I'm about to start my 5th year as a Unibet ambassador. I'm going to set myself a challenge to try and complete, starting this Sunday, and ending in 1 years time.

Below are all of the tournaments I will play regularly. The number of runners I’ve estimated from the most recent iterations of the event in the lobby. This will obviously fluctuate, as will the guarantees, but is a rough guide to go by.

€25 Deep Space r/e €2500 guaranteed ~75 runners 🏆

€25 Deep Impact r/e €5000 guaranteed (Sometimes this is replaced with a leader board tourney, either win will count) ~150 runners

€ 50 Comet f/o €2000 guaranteed ~50 runners🏆

€25 Neptune r/a €4000 guaranteed ~100 runners 🏆

€50 Mercury Blue €1,500 guaranteed 🏆

€50 Boba Bounty PKO f/o €1000 guaranteed ~20 runners 🏆

€25 Abyss r/e €1000 guaranteed ~60 runners 🏆

€25 Dwarf Star Bounty f/o €1500 guaranteed ~75 runners 🏆

€50 Sputnik r/a €3000 guaranteed ~ 🏆

€25 Gargle Blaster f/o €1000 guaranteed ~40 runners🏆

€25 Shooting Star Bounty f/o €1000 guaranteed ~40 runners🏆

€10 Dark Matter f/o €750 guaranteed ~90 runners 🏆

PLUS any one of the Sunday major events, either the Supernova, the Titan or the Odyyseyy.*🏆


Originally I was going to try and win every tournemant, including the Sunday only tournaments. But it turned out the odds of that were approximately 0.0005% 🤣 So I'm going to try and get 13 unique wins on Unibet this year :cash::cash::cash:

Special iterations of each event will count (for example, the €25 deep impact is sometimes the leader board high re entry, or the Ice Giant Bounty on Sundays, or the Supernova is replaced with a UOS event)

I play 4 nights a week, and will probably play between 40 and 45 weeks of the year. 

GL me! 

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