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  1. 18.2.2021 Week 7: br: 84.38€ +€17 Ticket Value (+€10 cashgame ticket) Been quite a challeging week mentally, things gone bit crazy at times :S But feeling better today! Still figuring out what games to play to avoid me getting bored and frustrated, so I'm throwing at least the SNG's to the bin. Trying to stay focused and avoid forgetting to play tournies I regged into, or falling asleep mid-game. Oh look! a squirrel! ... Where was I? Oh yea! So I'll keep grinding them sats for tickets and pick few tournies that I like to play and play some cash games on the side (those I can escape when I get bored or annoyed). GL GL all and cya at the tables!
  2. 11.2.2021, week 6: br: 48.12€ + €19 Ticket Value Managed to make some cash with that ticket after my latest update, so the final results for today looks like this.
  3. Lazy me not updated last weeks results... But BR was somewhere around 10€ in cash and almost 30€ in ticket value. Been really tired and prob have to go see the doctor again cuz of pain. Not very happy bout that. :( Yesterday I played only couple freerolls, managed to get a 4€ UO ticket there. Longest winning streak in SNG is a sad 3. But I've managed to get few dimes here and there, so BR is now at 34,35€ and ticket value at 21€. I'm prob using one ticket tonight, but that's bout it. Not playing anything else.
  4. 1.1 - 28.1.2021 BR: 19.04€ Ticket Value: 5€ Not very happy bout last weeks results. And what a horrible week it was! Seemed like all my big pairs got crushed, lost like 99% of flips (at least felt like it :D ) But made some small wins here and there. Also was involved in a car crash and now I have to go car shopping :( Pain starting to ease a bit now and went to get checked to confirm nothing got broken, so muscles just bit upset, should be fine in couple of days. Also started a side SNG challenge, where I play them as long as I make profit. If I lose the first then sad beans it is for that day. That's not going very well either :D Longest "streak" remains at a pathetic 2, but we up couple euros money-wise. So, lets hope next week goes a bit better! Oh! And I did manage to get a ticket to the winter freeroll final, so hopefully manage to get ITM in that today!
  5. Not keen on busting my BR on any site :D But I don't really play on other sites, too much hassle. (also too many players and I barely have patience to finish the unibet tournies) I'll just stay away from the tables if I get too angry, should be easier now when I'm staying sober. Got back on track after the "incident", now just some patience and the BR should see some steady growth!
  6. But theres plenty positive things in this thread of mine! I should keep a diary, because I remember absolutely nothing bout my life, I kinda just live the present time. When asked: "So how u been the last 2 weeks?" - I'm like, ummm.. I kinda feel nothing now, and can't really bring up any memory of how it's been... So, guess I'm ok" I'm just terrible at keeping a diary, but if I promise to update whats going on, I try to keep it. (I know I have promised to craft some stuff for ppl like ages ago and still not found it in me to actually make it happen. But I'm Fking trying! I just don't want to do it "half way" - They need to be perfect for me to be able to send them on!) But to the good things: First of all, I'm quitting drinking. -I'm stupid enough sober, no need to make it worse. 2. I get to humiliate myself by being honest bout how stupid I can be (Bipolar diagnosed, but I'm pretty sure I'm autistic, +ADHD, just have to get through the diagnosis process) I've just learned from an early age that being myself is not ok and an embarrasment not only to me, but for everyone else, and every mistake I make causes embarrasment to them, so admitting my mistakes is hard. So I have kinda hid myself for all my life and tried to avoid the embarrasment. (And gotten this twisted idea that it's ok to be ❤️♥️❤️ed in the head, just don't show it to "outsiders" to embrarras anyone close to u.) But I'm now at the point that I don't actually give a ❤️♥️❤️ anymore. It's my fking life, if u don't like it, get the ❤️♥️❤️ outta my way, cuz I'm gonna shine so fking bright even Trump can't look in it without eye protection!
  7. Ok, so the challenge name should maybe be changed to From 12€ to ??? challenge... 3rd week is up when the clock hits 00.00, but thought to give an update before that, as I just put 12€ to my account (What a fking cheater!) Just no interest starting it back from 0, even thou it wouldn't perhaps take that long to get up back from them, but doing pretty good in points in the LBL, and without compensating my mistakes, I'd miss tonights tourney (2€ from 12€ BR might seem a stupid idea, but I can fall back to the ticket grind with a 10€ BR even if I get nothing, and freezeouts are my thing!) So what happened to my BR of ~50€? That's a good question! I'd give more details if I'd remember, but had some ❤️♥️❤️ poured on to me, which I def did not deserve. (normal ppl would maybe say something, but it kinda hits me later. ATM I'm like "ummm... ok..." ) But when I get home it starts to build the more I think about it, till the point I'm fking enraged, even more so if I hit the bottle... And ya all know what happens when u hit the tables drunk and enraged, and buy-in to tournaments way beyond ur BR... -I did get the fumes out for sure! But the feeling next morning... "Oh no you didn't..." - *logs in and checks the balance* - "OFC you Fking did u big fat idiot!" But, why I decided to put the 12€ back to the account is, that I had hit the casino with bout that sum, which is the most idiotic thing ever! (Casino is a big NONO!) So let's not: 1.Get drunk (yea honestly, my mental health can't take me being a drunken idiot) 2. Spend one dime on the casino (really, thats just stupid) 3. Play when u don't have time to focus (no more playing multiple tables with mobile while cooking and trying to hit the sauna). And the most important 4. Play the games ur BR allows u!
  8. Yes, theres plenty of rules! Like not putting in any cash unless u need to, focus on grinding em' tickets (just wish them fkers with the huge stacks would stop bluffing with absolutely nothing on the bubble when the small stack is all in, (like u get no fking extra points being 1st...) or doubling all of them in the sats, so instead of all of us getting tix, the game lasts fking half hour longer...) Sadly the rules don't seem to apply when I get mad to an enraged point, (from not poker related things) and instead of meditating or some ❤️♥️❤️, I decide to get piss-drunk and hit the tables and just piss it all.
  9. So grinded the BR to bout 18€, then finished 3rd in the Monica Vaka Expirience and got a boost of 33,90€. Had few rough days after that, but took it back from the LBLF, finishing 6th in that for some 10€, was 8th in a earlier LBLB, so that took of quite well, since I've only played maybe 4 of them.
  10. 1.1-14.1.2021 BR: 53,43€ + Ticket Value: 12€
  11. 1.1-7.1.2021 BR: 9,77€ + Ticket Value: 4€
  12. So, I decided to start the year with a fresh bankroll of 0€! First day nothing happened. Well I did play 3 freerolls, but no tickets won. The second day I won a €1UO ticket from a €50 FR. Day 3 got €2UO ticket, used it and got nothing. :( But day 3 things started to move forward! Used the €1UO ticket and tactically took the 3,40€ in cash instead of a 4e ticket, and at the end of the day I had a BR of 4,60€! Posting the results here weekly, if anyone happens to be interested.
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