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  1. There’s a new €10 single re entry at 17:00 CET added by @Leo-Unibet! €300 guarantee but if we support it well that guarantee can grow I’m sure.
  2. I agree, I think the schedule has a gap for this level of bankroll that would be nicely filled with some €5 and €10 freezeouts (or perhaps single re entry).
  3. Well done on taking a break and stifling the bad behaviour. It might not feel it but that in itself is a big victory pal.
  4. From Friday night up until the end of the Unibet Online Series I'll be live on my channel, and occasionally the Unibet channel playing the entire series and trying for the added leader board prize money! Twitch.tv/iansimpsonpoker Twitch.tv/UnibetPoker Let's see if I can get a podium finish in this series!
  5. Sorry, only just saw this! And here I've been working even though I've been fired! Thanks for fixing this Andy, and sorry for the confusion Pionj!
  6. Also, I'm going to replace the €25 Shooting Star Bounty with the €10 Sputnik Rebuy as the former has had it's guarantee reduced and the latter fits my grind schedule better.
  7. Chalk up a BIG one! We've bagged a Sunday Major trophy! 8 down 5 to go!
  8. Number 6 in the bag, the Dark Matter is checked off of the list!
  9. Number 5 in the bag. GG the Dwarf Star Booty! €400 give or take in the bag after booties. GG to "OneFloatyyBoii" who came 2nd after a tricky heads up match!
  10. Chalk up trophy number 4! Just won the Sputnik :D
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