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  1. Would someone kindly point me towards the section that explains where to find the freerolls we can enter at each loyalty level. I've looked and can't find any information. Much appreciated
  2. Well that all escalated quickly.
  3. Hi, I made a request but didnt get an email. How do I check I'm set up correctly / making a correct request? My correct email address is held in my settings. There's a bunch of us in a Discord channel who play Unibet poker (along with other sites) and have started a leaderboard so I'd like to add our Unibet winnings and losses :teardrop: to the stats. Each of us would make an individual request, obvs for data
  4. Hi, at the end of a re-buy period you can add-on if you wish, so far so good! Sometimes you get asked if you wish to re-buy first and then Add-on, which I don't understand i.e. if I select not to Re-buy will I still get to Add-on? Under what circumstances does it let you Re-buy when you still have chips at the end of the Re-buy period? The Add-on is always better value so there are times when I only planned to Add-on. Thanks for any guidance with this. :)
  5. Hi, Does anyone else find it a bit disconcerting that the MTTs with a larger field of players have hand for hand play starting rather early eg 4 from the bubble? It takes ages to lose 4 players meanwhile the hands per level drops considerable resulting in the average stack size, in BBs, deteriorating with little you can do about it.
  6. 2 day events are great, day 1 finishes a bit early, finishing nearer the bubble would be good.
  7. Thanks for the reply Leo, Does this mean this is an update Unibet are looking to make in the future?
  8. Turn's out the 10€ I won, which equalled my buy-in is in the form of a ticket with limited ways I can use it, see below. I'd rather use it as part payment towards a UOS event, can this be done?
  9. Hi, I see from searching the forums this is an old topic, but after my first foray into Qualifiers I thought I'd raise the topic again. All of the bubble money shoul go to the bubble guy, right? Who wants to win less than they bought in for? https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/General-Poker/Very-weird-prize-pool-distribution-qualifiers/td-p/127482
  10. Mr__D

    UOS XI

    Hi, I'm new to Unibet Poker and like the format of Series XI. Where's the best place in the forums to get up to date info on XI? For example I saw a post offering a forum only competition linked to Series X :inlove: Is there a web link to the final Series X leaderboards? It would be good to see how many points are needed to get within touching distance of winning some extra :cash:
  11. Hi can I have my MTT results from 1st January 2021 to 14 February 2021. Many thanks, Mr D
  12. Ian, You've not included the Black Hole, I like that game! Why's it not included in your list?
  13. Hi, I'm playing on Unibet Poker more and more recently and looking see what the community 'scene' is like. My other favourite Poker Site, Skypoker, has a popular Discord channel, run by the players rather than Skypoker. How do Unibet players socialise?
  14. Good luck with the challenge Ian! How about a "Beat the Pro" challenge? No prize involved, let's see if anyone can complete Ian's challenge before he does. Just to add a bit of pressure
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