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Fancy a paysafecard?


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Ok, no football today so ofc i got bored :laugh: So i thought i do some bonus hunting in slots and why not little competition for it too. So guess how much the result will be and you can win 25€ or 10€ paysafe card, aka closest and second closest quess wins. Here are the bonuses and i´ll open them tonight and i´ll post video here so you can see result. Around midnight or something like that :)


Start: 400€

1. Book of dead             1€                        K scatter
2. Copy cats                   1€
3. Gonzo´s quest           0.8€                    10 spins
4. Moon princess           1€                       Love spins
5. Bonanza                      1€
6. Lost relics                    1€
7.Terminator 2                1.2€                    No hot mode :(
8. Legacy of Egypt          1.2€                   8 spins
9. 100€ left. I want at least 1 bonus more so going to buy white rabbit with 1€ bet.

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Ok, i guess not lot of interest in this one so i´ll just start playing those bonuses and will post video in less than hour. Turned out to be fun competition, not a question whom will be the lucky ones but who will be the unlucky one as 2 from will win 🤣

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Ok, didn´t go as i planned with video. Uploaded it to youtube..... too long, you must verify through phone. I did, still video no where to be found or shown. Tried to upload it to imgur, it´s been loading now for 15 minutes so ain´t going to wait no more. Here is the result. I will upload the video if i ever mange to. FU youtube 🤣


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Tikiet pliiizze!

So who won the paysafecard aka "money laundering card"? 😃

We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
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Well now you got a new chance, round 2 coming up :)

Just a little different rules this time....

I was lucky enough to get bonus so i have to wager it. So i will collect them bonuses until balance hits zero, open them and load video here and start all over again. You must guess result with every round and winners will be who have guessed closest after every round. I´ll continue until bonus is wagered :happy: or lost :waterfall:

Today busy so i´ll hunt them tomorrow. Any slots that you want me to play?

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