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The Malta Community Rumble - Players Live-chat


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Good run,but couldn't pass through the finish line. :sad:

Very good start brought me over 100BB,but RNG decided to put me on the other side, from 80.place onwards.With good fights,finished by @Merenitsu  "mistake".
He shoved A6off just to beat my 99,in the BB. 

Finished in 29.place :teardrop:


*surprised that only 424 players registered,also where are all those "play by a rule" gangs! 


"It lose sense when someone play under different alias and we dont feel that "community" :puking:

Ha gangs,share expeirence. :dissatisfied:


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@allview haha well played man. The low stack of the table but defn not giving up. he made it far¬†ūüÜó




I did not feel good when that All in came, I sort of expected it coming. Ive been playing with this guy most of the time i was playing the tourny. shifting chips to eachother. I knew he did not had a straight, but did not expected this to happen..

I lost the pictures of this round. But i basecly lost a 200k all in. Same guy i missclickd against earlier 

I had KJ, He had J8. He went all in on me after i raised on flop J 9 10 Then yeh... a 5 and a 7 fell. So he got away with a straight.

At this time i was left with 50k Chips and grinded back up again :popeye:

I can't really be mad at all the backstepsihad. Cuz ive got lucky many times aswell. Maybe to lucky some times¬†ūüĎľ


I made it! Did not expect this to happen, after all my bad striking before this tourny. I knew it was time for change!

I finished 6th place. GL to the rest still playing sbeen long game :cash:




Slavery still exists, they just made it legal.
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