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  1. Thanks for having different time schedules per week. 🆗 I always felt like the nano's/low tournaments woud take longer and be more aimed towards working people still wanna play poker and join the event. I personally think the high tournament buy in prices are out of my league. :happyshy: Kinda hurths in my timezone when you know you cannot really play deep in the nano's/low's, which means there is no point in joining if you dont wanna have workdays and only few houres of sleep. :teardrop: Anyway, thanks for the great promotion again and GL to all on the tables. :popeye:♥️
  2. Yeh, i was trying to do that by playing some hands each week to slowely unlock the ticket. I just seemed to forgot about it untill i saw it was expired. I think i was just a day to late to refresh it. Anyway man thank you very much for the kind gesture. :)
  3. Hello, Ive just logged on into the unibet poker client and see my 6€ Cash game ticket has expired. I am probally just to late to refresh it. I know it's its a longshot but i have seen it happen in the past. Is there a posibilty for me to get the ticket unexpired please? Thanks. 🆗
  4. Welcome to my world of poker. ❤️:puking:❤️ :cash::cash::cash:
  5. I went all in after the flop. I hate this game! :puking: This kind of stuff happends to much to me. :puking::puking:
  6. @YlarP Did it pay out or did they just all folded? 🤣
  7. I never had a royal or straight flush on unibet. Just one time long ago on other site, I have been beaten by one but that was in a 1euro 1.5x HexaPro 🤣 It's like the James Bond movie all over 🆒 When you think you win. :cash: Then this guy comes and played a 5-7 suited. :puking:😠
  8. haha, broken keyboard that's a good one! :haha: GL to you man on the 100 HexaPros. :popeye:
  9. Wow, i just saw that some one won 1600 euro on a 2 euro HexaPro, i mean this guy must feel so happy. 😀 I geuss it was the x1000 he got? Found it kinda weird he only got 1600. Must be the rake i geuss?
  10. Yeh, I once won a 10x 1v1 i had 50 chips over. I just won all inning every hand back to back. Just pure luck. :puking: Well i just got my 10x after playing around 30-35 of them and losing allot. Geuss what i all in first hand 77 on the 10x he calls with a 38suited and gets two 8's. Roulette is better then this. 🤣
  11. Wow, I played over 50 HexaPros in total i think and never got more then x10. There wer so many times it was 1.5/3/5x against 25/100/1000x but it just never stopped on the right side. :teardrop: Oh wow just as i was writing this post it was 1.5 vs 10 for the first in 25 games now and it went to 1.5. :puking: Yeh i don't like it as people just get away with stuppid all ins. it is like flipping a coin. Better to play roulette then. 😏
  12. They should change the mission to: participate in a 10x HexaPro or lose 20 euro while doing it. 🤣:speechless: It sucks though i wish i coud skip this mission. But i missed the first days cuz i did not knew this promo was going on :D So i need every mission to be able to join for the 10k freeroll. You know what the funny part is. in the first week of HexaPro i had 10x 3 times in the 10 times i played it. :puking:
  13. I have done 20+- already no 10x yet. :teardrop: I lose most of them to people jamming stuppid cards and getting away with it. :dissatisfied:
  14. This mission of today (12) is so ridiculous. :waterfall:
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