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1st half billion raffle thread - finished


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Yes me

I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way
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YES!! Great news @JeppeL! Now I need to check exactly what it was I won, I hope is was something nice. :d

edit: It's a buy-in for the 50K GTD on sunday, right?
Awesome, just checked €100 ticket for sunday! Amazing prize! Thank you Unibet, I will try to make you proud! 🤣 😀

The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less.
-Eldridge Cleaver
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@AndreiBN wrote:

@Livertool I'm pretty sure that in one of the previous tennis competitions you won a daily raffle,so don't upset the miniwebtool 🤣

If i have, totally missed it.

All i remember that i have once won in raffle, in a different betting site i won Kalevala jewelery and i said to my girlfriend, now ex, that you can have it. Well, waited for a month for it arrive with every week she asked when it is going to come. Well, it never came so i go ahead and buy it for her, so i did lose in that raffle too 😠:haha::waterfall:🤣

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