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@GER-4soul wrote:

So, for the transfer of my last amount of romania account i need to send a document with my ex-card ( i didn't made no photo of it ).....but i closed all bank accounts from romania. And the support ask me a proof of prior of my ex-card....i don't see why i must rediscuss with the bank where i totally closed all contacts??  Anyway, i tried, but they didn't answered me yet , which makes me think that this will not become true in next days....

I am waiting for my new card from the bank from here, and i will be disapointed to see that will not help me with the transfer....

with all my heart, i also lost the tickets of 1k and 3k , 4-5 tickets with 10e UO and other small tickets (1-2e mtts)...because my romanian account was closed in early days of his month....i was thnking will be a normal interaccounts transfers ,but on juristrictions laws of this country.

what should i do in this case? 


@GER-4soul I'm still trying to see if anything can be done about the community account, please bear with me on that. I'll also inquire about if we can move the poker tickets over, I'm honestly not sure if we're allowed to or not.

As for the credit card proof that's asked for since the card in question doesn't exist anymore, I'm inquiring about this as well but I keep hitting a road block that is different regulations between the two countries - you're 100% sure you don't have a photo of the card lying around somewhere?


GER-4soul Rank 7
Rank 7

I received today the answer from the ex-bank account Romania and i attached it into a mail to the german support. Wait for a positive answer:

details bank closed account.PNGa crop from that pdf

I wait with Wow 


GER-4soul Rank 7
Rank 7


Somehow i loose my energy with this...i asked again to the bank what they still want:

"We also need a picture of the credit card that ends with the numbers 4394. Note that we only need the first six and the last four digits on the credit card. For security reasons, we ask you to change the numbers on the front and the CCV. If you no longer own this credit card, we kindly ask you to notify your bank so that they can confirm that you were the owner and that your credit card is signed. "

What a loosing time, for shure if they were operative, this amount whould be created by now by me in rake. Let it be....hope that, finally, will be fine!

Nestabear Rank 23
Rank 23

@GER-4soul looks like you having a hard time Buds. I really hope you come right Thumbs Up

Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
GER-4soul Rank 7
Rank 7

And i received also the last document from my bank, hope this will be the last needed. I'm happy that i guess i will have finally the last answer , and this will be the positive one Angel . I masked the important info ( for reasons of security ), but the original was send to the support email adress.

last doc.JPGmay the challenge continue

Let's wait a little piece of time In Love

GER-4soul Rank 7
Rank 7

Hey, i have some news about LIFE. First, some feelings about my life changes and second, improves for the next sessions.

About feelings:

1. I started the DeutchlandKurs here in Germany ( i must know the language at lvl B2 to practice my job that i was prepaired in Romania ); 

2. Tomorrow i will start my first job from this country : Kommercial Hilfer , it's a part-time job with ensurance ( which is the most important thing , maybe more than the salary amount Haha . Also , my gf will start from next week Smile 

3. In this week i will receive my ID from the Stadtland ( this is unique per person and it's used to deduces taxes and imposits), without it you cannot hold a legal visa electron card in Germany ( only maestro or others types); 

4. From now on i will search a peacefull house where i will rent it for a long period of time.... i want to have the desk already installed at my house untill Chrismass Angel

5. Today was a light afternoon when i could read some new articles with poker rools and stuffs. And i found something really awesome, that i will improve in my next sessions: 

"express gratitude on a daily basis" ,

i will start the day with 4 cool things that happened previous day: 2 things that i am grateful for and 2 things that i must improve today to have a better day! 

"and a daily affirmation which states some sort of goal for the day"

Awesome way of thinking! 

Untill next time, sleep and work Smile 

PS: I am really greatfull of your support guys, this feed my mind into these hard moments of my life changes!


GER-4soul Rank 7
Rank 7

And i have another interview at my second part-time job today! Will be a nice and hard move if they accept me. It's a Decathlon store, hope that they accept with my english language for few months 'till i will be able to discuss with the costumers in dutch.

Today i had a happy phone by Unibet support that they received all the documents needed and they asked me how to make the transfer amount, because it was tricky somehow, tomorrow i will discuss with them again. 

Awesome day!

Second day of job on my first part-time party also! Cool Because of that i asked the Unibet Support if i can being called after 4pm, and no pb Smile


GER-4soul Rank 7
Rank 7

And i receive another weard message :

"Dear Claudiu,

Thank you for contacting Unibet!

We have paid your money to the regulator where you can get the money back. So you need to contact the Regulatory Authority (MGA) to get the money back.

Have a great day!"

and now i already contacted that autority, it will takes 3 weeks. Bleah!

So, my waiting is longer as i could think. Why it became so hard to receive my money????? After all is not a big amount. What whould i do if i were near the finish amount challenge???? 



Weard things happening.....


GER-4soul Rank 7
Rank 7

In this sunday i played only the 1000E Ticket Monthly - where i got paid , and few other freerolls :

rvr a8 jqe 68pl 1.85.JPG2 antes when i got paid ( place 130th) and goes deep, then lost with 2 pairs turned vs stright river to him ( JQo vs A8o )...was tight played till turn.unibet cc.JPGNice event, doesn't remember nothing from it Smile))))

Bankroll: 2,06€

Pending bankroll: ~148.00



Be happy, because that not depends on you!

4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

After a reply on  @Nestabear ideea : Rank Countdown Poker Bonanza , i receive a private  awesome mail from @-unibet  with these beautifull words: 

"I’ve made some modifications to your account and attached the old Community Profile to your new German account.
Now when you log in, it should log you in the old profile with rank 18" 

which made my day! I am alive again and on lvl 18 In Love Big thanks! Also, to you @Nestabear for inspiring this positive thing!

Today i was just chillin' and watching a movie after work and school ( movie TAG ) , who wasn't the best movie from the world , and played this : 

Screenshot_2018-11-06-00-16-14.pngfirst place from 10c, winning with AA vs Q6s shove

Bankroll: 5.59€