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4soul 4th Ch4llenge: From 4€ to 4.444€


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Hello again dear friends,

Everything it's carefully prepaired

I've setup all details for the next long-term period!

It's my 4th time to test the limits: in my life, in my soul, in poker and in carrer!(Yup, i will change my country forever, i will mary, i will start a challenge and i find a new job)

I will try to transform 4€ in 4.444€ on Unibet POKER!


This ideea came on 4th August , while i was sitting in my room on hotel JW Marriot - Bucharest, where took part the Unibet Open 2018 Festival !!!

Situation of my account:


This means i can buy only 4x1€ tickets on Mtts, SNG or CASH for increasing the bankroll amount. I will try the best way to do that!

If i will become broke, i need to start playing freerolls!

Bankroll is the most important thing to increase, doesn't matter how!

Here i will post all the results of the sessions. Most of them will be twitched on 4soul channel :Peace:

Let's work hard on this 4soul 4th Ch4llenge


PS: I still have in my account other few tickets, i will play them sometimes in our normal session, without any affection on the challenge.

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As i told before in the prepairing challenge, i started playing from Unibet Open Bucharest - JW Marriott Hotel and i won these from my last tickets for online events:



Because i consider these advantages that most of the players don't have, i consider them "NULE" for this challenge.


 @Rushbie, we have family there. No offence, just tried all my best into my country...but i declare defeated my political forces in here :Happyshy:


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Today i started the session earlier that i want to do because  there are few mtts with buy-in smaller than 50¢, where i whould be more confident that in 4-way 1€ mtts.

Here are few results:


Of corse i met lots of situations:


New bankroll : 12.65€


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Hello all-in who read this :)

I took notes about everything that you said to me that it looks bad on this stream and i updated today!

I guess the stream interface look really good right now, and i so happy to catch the 10PM hour for another stream.

PS: We will play also the @DaVitsche 1€ MTT where he have a 50€ Unibet Open like knockout on his head, and his Freeroll!

In the same time i played few freerolls, and one SNG:


See you later on: LIVE STREAM!

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Hey, i didn't tell so much about this weekend , but had some unexpected events  = We get lost (undated this event) on seaside for 3 days! Was awesome:


We completed there the August Mission: Part 1, i remember (in my advanced drunk moment) that i won a SNG with AA vs 88 or 66 or 33....couldn't see so clear:geek:

That means 50BonusPoints , so with 107BP we can buy any 1€ MTT ticket. That's cool!

And today, first day after a long sleep  - i tryed a sattelite on  a LIVE EVENT  in my ussual poker place = 770RON buy-in for 7INNCUP GTD 3rd round - Nice event!

Hope for this one! I need a result for my last stand in my country!

Day3 - after this  - short session, good result on cash games banzai NL1  - 2 shoots :D - twitched session ~1h



Oh...almost forgotted:


New bankroll: 15.78€

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Today i streamed the session and have a positive impact to me and to the challenge: WE WON 1st place into a nice event 1e entry mtt!!! We took into our bankroll 12.60€!


Other results:


New bankroll: 33.96€



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Yeah, another 1st place made me smile:


, and i am not sad about other results of today stream:


That bad situations took some positive energy from us, but we are still cool!

New bankroll: 50.59€

@Nestabear, thanks for your support, this is the moment you will enjoy it:



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So YEAHH!!!! Today was our first MAIN EVENT! That means we played a tournament with bigger entry that our bankroll let us!

And that was because we won a 5€ Nebula ticket from a flip mtt with 0.25€ satellite! That 1.500€ GTD was played like a freezeout (even if this mtt had unlimited rebuys and an extra add-on).


We played a couple of cash for the August Missions , and we cash in few mtts ( even we played lots of them).

PS: Was a nice event with 1000€ GTD Cardchat Freeroll ( with 1€ add-on and rebuys ), we added also an addon. Lost big value into a flip with AKvsTT ( shove preflop )


Our bankroll : 51.84€



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Ship it all in @4soul as fast as you can.🤣👍

How near the bubble are you, or final table?:cash:

If either turn up with AA it is what it is.

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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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Yes, @gyepedro he had AA , but played them scared like hell ( maybe he was 99% shure that someone will hit the set :D ) , 12 players paid - 3 more out for ITM.



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Why would you reraise 5x of the value of 3-bet  with Aces or 35bb ??? GG!

From +25€ buy-in i would fold in this spot, other ways its always a shove for me! No excuses for folding 🤣


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My account was temporary blocked in reasons of security.

I will comeback later with more details!

Have you found more challenge points in your accounts than you normally does?

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