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Merry Christmas from Unibet Poker


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12 minutes ago, Evarb said:

Now you know my pain when i saw supermoon community freeroll in the client but couldnt join.

Pretty sure I missed that one as well among other opportunities, but it doesn't matter. Next week I'm gonna do a Deposit and don't really plan to be in this position ever again. Unless I run really, really bad. #BankrollNIT 

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I had no hands no AA or KK or anything and when I did have a hand someone always had a better one and everyone gets AA and wins and I never do and I run so badly and its all rigged and I see AA everywhere but I never get them and I'm out.


Sorry, I'm just practising some impressions. 

GG and Merry Christmas all. 🤣

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"It turns out that 75% of all poker players think they play better than the other 75%."     image.png.99a4e82708d54abfc527324e8836768e.png

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