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Stalling without loosing time bank


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When are you going to do something for this? Again one guy abusing this on the soft bubble (3 from the money). And this happens basically in every tournament. Never sat out. Glad that he got what he deserved and bubbled out. 


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Thanks to the wonderful technology it happens often when playing on mobile, tablet or phone, that it disconnects the app when doing something else with the device. (Like checking discord, mail, doing whatever else than playing.. )
Somehow especially with devices with low RAM, <2GB, it tends to break it every single time. If one is not aware of it, it can imo easily look like that to others. Had that always on recent couple years. So there's that.
But yeah, I'm on the most likely deliberate abusing wagon as well when someone clearly does that systematically. Mainly because the mobile annoyance really disconnects you from the gameplay, no-one can just ignore it happening on their device.

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Hi Rushbie, thanks for your comments, but this guy was deliberately stalling EVERY hand. You can get disconnected, but not every hand, and then come back online when you got dealt a new hand? Don't think so... He was doing it on purpose and such players should be banned!

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