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  1. Tried even closing the software but didn't help.
  2. @Stubbe-Unibet @Andy-Unibet Second time this happens. For some reason it won't allow me in Omaha Deep Space even tho I have enough balance and there's still late reg left. Every other tourney works. VID_20210615_205027.mp4
  3. Pionrj


    It's common in tennis that the bet's solved and not voided if one full set has been played.
  4. @WuDuFirst I thought that you're serious about this, but you have to be trolling. How do you think, that any internet likes would boost my anonymous ego? Like I said yesterday, I had quite many beers in me so I maybe could have writen that less judgemental for @allcrazy. You are making btw more stupid assumptions based on nothing. I had time to log in, because I went through every forum I could think of to get more knowledge about the game and Eriksens situation. And yes, I felt super bad when only thing about this subject in here was this thread. Even tho I haven't been involved with him, I've been a huge fan of his for many years. All in all. You have clearly no idea of humanity or your trolling is just really tasteless.
  5. Got the first 3 days right and won 5 freespins. Too bad that there's no info, on which slot are those for. @Stubbe-Unibet @Jami-Unibet E. And right after I posted this it came active in "my available bonuses".
  6. 1 x 2 2.80 3.05 3.00 x 1 x 2 1.80 3.40 5.75 x 1 x 2 1.40 4.80 10.00 x
  7. That's weird. Maybe @Andy-Unibetor @Jami-Unibetcan help you.
  8. @haselnutDid you make a 10€ bet on the Euros both days?
  9. @WuDuYou clearly don't know what virtue signalling even means. But let's just make this thing clear now when I have less alcohol in me. The best player of those two teams collapsed on the ground in the middle of the game. He clearly was close to death when they had to revive him on the pitch. The game was on a break because of that and there was talks with UEFA if the teams are going to carry on with the game. You think, that most important thing for some one is to come here and ask how's their bet gonna be solved, if the match won't continue? First of all, that info is very easy to find from T&C. Second of all, that's way beyond stupid from you.
  10. @Jami-UnibetCould not Edit my post. I got those freebets just before Bel-Rus started. So no problems here.
  11. @WuDuAre you stupid or just retarded? There's no donations here. If his life would depend on my bet winnings times 100x, I'd pay it immediately. So go back making love with your hand.
  12. This. So much this. I made a bet, that the first half is 0-0. I'd pay 100 times that money immediately if that would save Eriksens life.
  13. @Jami-UnibetNo need to go through case by case, but I didn't receive single one. And I think that I wagered enough.
  14. Belgium vs. Russia 1 x 2 2.02 3.45 4.55 x Denmark vs. Finland 1 x 2 1.34 5.10 11.50 x England vs. Croatia 1 x 2 1.65 3.90 6.20 x Austria vs. North Macedonia 1 x 2 1.75 3.50 6.00 x Netherlands vs. Ukraine 1 x 2 1.68 3.85 5.90 x
  15. @Jami-UnibetAny updates? I've received nothing yet. Weird that some have.
  16. It ran also in Finland. Talked with live support this afternoon about it. They said, that they're solving this as fast as they can. First game starts soon and one of the freebets was targeted on this game. I guess, they'll make those bets generic. That would at least be fair after fuuuuuking this up.
  17. @MadAdoLOL. So I lost last week a couple of hundreds at NL25 basically with zero RB if I don't play more it and flop a flush or better. Now I really see the great value on these challenge points.
  18. @Stubbe-UnibetI don't really understand what that means? I thoght that I'd get points worth of combined by all BIN levels I play? Now that's basically giving me points based for only NL4.
  19. @Stubbe-Unibet Is this broken somehow? I've played both NL4 and NL25 during this challenge. When I started today the "Big challenge" was at 1100 points. After I flopped a flush on NL4 with less than 5 hands played, it immediately dropped down to 158 points.
  20. +1 two @GR1ZZL3Rand @Psycho79. I though play what ever, but rather have a regular Singularity tourney than Shooting star bounty which has the weirdest payout structure ever IMO. Not really tempting to go for a PFAI festival when there's many flip tourneys with bigger value. E. Was talking about Space Madness bounty, not Shooting Star bounty. But overall few of those bounty tourney pricepools could be less bounty heavy.
  21. My best untill now is two goals. But I'm a bit confused. Earlier when keeper saved first shot I got a second chance. Today no second chances and keeper saved three out of my four attempts.
  22. @Stubbe-UnibetDid I understand wrong from the Finnish promo for the penalty hero that there's a minimum price for every coin?
  23. @Sparrow473 Hard to believe that this was caused by bad connection when it starts excactly on the bubble/soft bubble and before that everything is normal.
  24. When are you going to do something for this? Again one guy abusing this on the soft bubble (3 from the money). And this happens basically in every tournament. Never sat out. Glad that he got what he deserved and bubbled out.
  25. Pionrj

    Can't get in

    @Andy-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet What does this mean? Software just crashed. First attempt it said "Can't verify your location".
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