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Poker release notes 3.1


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After Unibet 2.0 release i switched from mac to windows because mac version was very bad for me. And today my pc laptop was broken so i took my old macbook pro 2014 to test unibet 3.1

And it works fine for me with mac os catalina. Well done relax gaming :)

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Update: Unibet 3.1 works not so good for me on mac os. I have problems with mouse scrolling and bet sizing. I try to use some apps like steermouse, but its not helped for me. When you need to make action at more tables scrolling works unpredictable. I try to turn on/turn off table prioritization, but it doesnt help

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Any ideas anyone?? Button turns dark green - reg not possible. Happens often. Crossposted from UK Tour and UO forum as no answers there.

It seems absolutely mental to have a late reg countdown and then stop it early.


vixere * 18.7k hands
VPIP 45% | RFI 40% | 3B 21%
steal 100% | RaiseSBlimp 100%
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@silvert, we did discuss this extensively, but we ended up not doing it. Dedicating space/buttons for freerolls is not worth the space - we'd much rather have good filters for the players paying for the product development with their rake :)

I believe the ‚ā¨0-2 filter works for pretty much all nano players.

Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions. 

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