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Poker release notes 3.1


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Release date: 20th October
Next release: 17th November

This release will be our 3rd in just a month. Shortly after the redesign release, we had a small release with bug fixes, and bug fixes and small design changes is also what this release is all about.

As we've got a quite long list of bug fixes (and some potential fixes not listed below), we'd love to hear about any issue you experience, even if it has been reported before!


  • HexaPro Race 13th November – 13th December
  • High Hand: 10th November – 30th November
  • November Mission 1st November - 30th November


Continuing from last month:

  • Flop Race: 12th Oct – 15th Nov
  • SNG Boost (Rakefree) 5 handed SNG´s 5th October – 1st November
  • Swedish Poker Championship 18th October – 4th November
  • New client mission 22 September – 31st October
  • Jackpot Mania 24th August - > Est. end time mid-November


Coming in November release:

  • Unibet Online Series X 20th November – 13 Dec
  • 31 days of X-mas 1st December – 31st December
  • Santa Flips 1st December – 31st December


New features/Improvements

  • Generic UI client improvements:
    • Desktop Settings: smaller toggle buttons and smaller gaps between them
    • Desktop avatar change popup: added pencil icon, lower popup
    • Mobile: More space for some tap areas, avatar transparent in portrait
    • Improved menu elements, clearer and all CAPS for cash game poker type menu texts
    • Increased size of notification icon
    • Arrow icon for MTT legend was reversed
    • Miscellaneous alignment improvements in Challenges, Full MTT lobby (ticket icon) and main lobby
  • We added sorting to columns in Full MTT Lobby except Type and Favorites
  • Switch to show seconds when there is <2 mins left of late registration in full MTT lobby and on table in the tournament info box for blind levels (when they increase)
  • Show "Starts:" instead of "Reg starts in:" IF MTT is not open yet for registration
  • Desktop: Remove the tilt from villain’s card backs:


  • Added "Read more" and "Expires: " to leaderboards in combined promotions widget:
    • “Read more” and "Expires: " is added to individual leaderboards
    • Only "Read more" is on general leaderboard list, not “Expires:”
    • “Read more” link is generic for all leaderboards


  • Increase the size of estimated duration number fonts in specific MTT Lobby:


  • Added reconnection animation and counter:


  • Mobile: add table prioritization for MTT Add-on option
  • As of 2nd of November we will remove €50 and €100 5 handed SNG pools.


Bug fixes

  • MTT: Changed “Projection” column to “Payouts” once MTT is finished in specific MTT lobby.


  • Challenge points not updated for SNGS, HxPs, MTTs during ongoing session
  • Some mission steps are not sent correctly for NCM, could cause non achieved steps
  • Not possible to replay last hand if you win the tournament
  • Reduced Bet button size to not infer with bet slider, now only bottom green part of bet button is clickable:


  • Improve "Fold to any bet" button on table where on some languages the black dot is in the middle of text:


  • Cash game ticket in Tickets view does not set chosen ticket as default in buy-in dialog
  • Wrong display of the Bounty column when the Payouts column appears, the Bounty header is pushed to the left while Bounty amount stays to the right
  • Add-on not working when cancelling rebuy offer
  • Mobile: Removed CIP icons from 5 seat SNG on Android
  • Mobile: Landscape - bounty layout issue where top right avatars bounty is on same position as MTT text
  • Mobile: App will freeze if the user minimizes it portrait and then opens the app in landscape
  • Mobile: Cards are displayed on top of the bounty tab if avatars are turned off.


  • Mobile: Flop from previous hand is shown instead of current flop in some special cases
  • Mobile: Game crashes when rotating the view while in Spectate Mode in a MTT
  • Mobile: Samsung Keyboard input not working
  • Mobile: No Banzai sound
  • Mobile: Table screen breaks if the view is changed while the game is in background
  • WEB: Cash Game Hand History winnings less than 0 displayed as €-00000
  • MacOS: fixes for VIP MacOS freeze
  • MacOS: fixes for crashes upon logout
  • Combined Promotions Widget: New Client Mission read more link doesn’t work
  • Leaderboards: We now added a delay for all daily points races to hand out prizes with a 10-minute delay to avoid corner cases where hands end just by midnight



We are updating Unibet Poker server side on Tuesday 20/10/2020 05:00-06:00 UTC.

Games will be paused during update.

New SNG tournament creation disabled 1 hour before update.

Update may be finished earlier.


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@Livertool, let's see if it happens in the new version as well :)


@successlaw, not all year, no. But UOS 11 will likely be early February, so you're spoiled with 3 very close to each other. In the summer months we won't be doing such big series but focus on smaller ones with a theme (bounty, turbo, high stakes or the like)

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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'strange, sounds like a local GPU issue, but drivers are fine. Not much I can do right now. You could try to install the beta driver version for the GPU. I will need to get a special build for you, but it will take some time, as there is a lot of stuff going on.'


Hey Got this response in the other thread about my problems with the new client useing windows 10. Will version 3.1 fix this issue?



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With regards to the bug fixes regarding the add-ons, will this include the bug from 3.0 that occurs during the 3 minute window when players are still in the hand and the hand exceeds 3 mins? 

For example, twice now during evening tournaments including tonight, we get the usual 9.55pm break and come back at 10.01pm. But during the first hand after the break, the 3 minute add-on clock also ticks down meaning if the hand exceeds 3 mins, those involved miss the add on opportunty.  This evening two players folded pre flop and were given ample time to add on but the rest didnt as were playing. 

Cheers guys.



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I opened my client today (20.10.2020, 11:20 CET), it said it need to update, so I confirmed. After a while of downloading it said "file corrupted", crashed and closed. Now it keeps crashing on the start and update attempt.
Same happened on mobile, but without "corrupted file" message.

Should I reinstall clean? Or just wait? 🆒

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One quick thing I just caught... On mobile (android) I logged in with password for the first time.

I logged out in the main menu. And now the app logs in without any verification prompt - very convinient  but a bit insecure I guess :happyshy:

Is that by design?

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I can't update/reinstall the client after the latest updates:


When I press OK, the client just shuts down and nothing happens. I tried to reinstall the client but it didn't help. I had no problems prior to this latest update.

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Due to recent changes of German regulations, Germans no longer access the poker software.

Since Austria is also run via de.unibet.com is affected as well and blocked without any regulatory reasons. Because of this fact Austrians can also not play properly on Unibet (no software access, only 4 tables via the browser).

Please add a Bug fix to the next update, removing the Austrian login from de.unibet.com and add it to unibet.com

Furthermore if a fix for the German version is implemented and they can play 4 tables in the software, please be mindful and do not lump Austria in with Germany again, resulting in suffering from a 4 tables cap for no reason.


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There was an issue with the v3.0 version, so if you installed it on the first couple of days, the in-app updater is broken. It'll be working fine from now on, and this release will be working fine for anyone not installing v3.0 right after release :)

Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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