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Bucharest Community Freeroll


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Tonight at 18:00 local time we're having the Bucharest Community Freeroll Sitn'Go and anyone who's a member and here in Bucharest is welcome to play! As per local rules, we need to know beforehand that you' might be playing unless you're one of these players:











So if you're not one of these players but think that you might like to join, please do let us know :)

The prizes will be as follows:

1st: €250 UO ticket + €100 cash game ticket

2nd: €150 UO ticket

3rd: €50 UO ticket

We'll see if we can't get some few free beverages to ejoy while playing the SNG as well :)


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It's preety awesome how some of the community members just travelled, from far away, to be here and chop some impressions!

I was preety happy to be part of this event! 

Unfortunatelly, i didn't win it, BUT i feel like a winner meeting you all!

PS: Bigger min/blinds whould let us socialise more. Hope this will be changed in future :)


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@1hd @Luckyi23 @stieglitz9 @Swifty we have to keep saying this people, but please read the FIRST post of this thread, it was for community members that were in Bucharest and was played 3 weeks ago. No tickets, no passwords, no freeroll, no chance.🤣

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