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Slot wins and moments.


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Haven't done much casino or pokerstuff for a while here after latest withdrawal, but sometimes it's fun to take some UB casino vids in case something interesting comes up. Tonight it was the longest bonusround probably ever, at least for me :laugh:

Also wanted to open a thread for all kinds of random screenshots and videos from the slots, if anyone cares to share the moments 😃 Extreme bragging allowed and expected 🆒

Played the new games with a few bucks today, and run to this bonus feature in Lucha Maniacs just a moment ago. Unfortunately i've turned off the mic/aux setting from OBS and it didn't record any sounds :waterfall: Need to fix that ASAP for future vids, but for now you can always play the game at the same time while watching :laugh:
The overall result was pretty basic 3-fig multiplier return, but how it came was quite umm.. abundant with it's rolling bonus-features and actions :speechless:🆗 Now that's some great entertainment with little amount of money. Best interactive movie in a while at slots :laugh:

(really sorry about the missing sounds, I suck :Disappointed:)

(ain't nobody got the time for vids this long)



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Did some spins to clear the huge 2.5€ bonus from Hotline freespins, and managed to get some ok hits with 100autospin bullets on several games, mostly from the older end of NetEnt games here.
Gotta say that this made my day 🆒

(Been trying to get these damn sounds to work whole evening but no hope, no idea :Angry:. Sorry for that again)

(warpzone to the end pic)


(Special extrathanks to @RayL for title change :Smile:)

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After many hours of watching streams and spinning different slots with min bets, was eventually down from 160€ -> 125€. Got tired and prepared to go watch some dreams instead, if I could find some big hits from there.
Didn't have to.
Wishmaster to the rescue :laugh:

(Just posting this cos no streaks last forever 😏)
(Hearing-impaired won't miss a thing on this one either)

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Last nights slot therapy after bountymania ended up alright :atisfied:

Got the bonus from normal play honeybox feature. Buzzing begins..



Missed couple pics, but you get how it went :Laugh:

Immediate withdrawal so couldn't be showing the goodies back into the games :Smirk:

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Not much going on atm, so a short picture-story from last night 😃
Yesterday was about to do a deposit to have some red wine&games, but noticed there were an offer of 20 freespins to Dead or Alive on my account. Alright, knowing the wagering requirements are usually 25x here, didn't get too exited about it :laugh: Missed the pics from that, but in the end, it gave as much as 2.99€ or something to be wagered lol.

So, haven't played the new Double Stacks before, wanted to do the spins on that because it also had a suitable 10cents min bet. Turned out pretty interesting session eventually with small chips 🆒

Started to crab pics from first bonus play.
And the second bonusround.

Cool. So now there's something to play with.
 The next game, DoA, didn't give anything much as usually.
Alright, let's try to hit millions.

Nope. Only 1-1.5€ from that, second spincircle, tho.
Moving on, next stop Warlords:Crystal of Power.


Time for Divine Fortune.
Now I just wanted to wager it off, so hello Bloodsuckers :atisfied:

Jumping to Planet of Apes.

So after few hours of hard slotting, the moneys were wagered, and the final result from 3€ till the end:

Can't say you never get anything nice from the freespins by playing tactically :laugh:
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Nothing interesting to do than watch movies tonight after luckily winning €10 PLO bounty earlier this night and just feeling lazy, thought about reviving this thread back to action 🆒
(unfortunately deleted the earlier youtube-channel this Spring while having a break, so the first vids are gone :annoyed:)
Got the daily loss-limits set to 10€, so been filling that nest to max with min bets lately every now and then. This time didn't care to change from 0.40€ bets, and kinda just wanted to gamble after chasing double-up from poker's last texas challenge..
Took only 10 spins to get the normal bonus, pretty happy with the result :laugh:
(Now with sounds working on OBS, finally)

And the Max is still there, so to be continued..

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@Livertool wrote:


How many spins approximately you have to spin to get to max? Never even tried as i seen those end bad when you finally get that swarm hit. Like 20-30x which must be reallu bummer.

A lot. Must be at least something around 1000 spins with min bets it took this time as well to fill that meter :speechless:

Luckily managed to hit bigger (+100x-150x) on the road couple of times, so they funded the quest further and kept the +/- score at breakeven, maybe even on a small profits side.

But have to admit that nothing is more nerve-stretching than hitting 100 autospins and it goes straight down the drain, returning absolute crap.

Especially getting the bonus on last spins, and hitting something like this:


But it's still probs my favourite go-to slot because of that :laugh:

(Like now I'm up about 80€ from that, so can fire 8 daily bullets at least while hunting that nest down 😏)

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On yesterday's side fired up the 10€ daily bullet with 0.40€ bets quite quickly, so today wanted to just gather those bees to the nest with min bets, and see if it launches it.
Of course it does.
Took 100 autospins plus some extra spins by speedclicking the button, mainly cause there were only few euros left on the daily limit.
Last time the swarm launched got about 70€ from it with min bets, so everyone can draw their own conclusions from this is it worth the chase.

This was a bit disappointing, looks so much better and bigger potential win in the first screen :Laugh:


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Been few times lately trying to hit something with the usual 10€/day limit, and got only losses mainly. Last midnight returned all those fortunately 😃
The funny part was that the bet/win didn't even register to my accounts history, and no wins were paid only after having it being checked more thoroughly.
This is one reason why it's good to record online games at places, doesn't matter where you play.
Well, all good now 🆒
 0.40€ stake bonusround after getting 4 scatters/nests to the lines on maingame.

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Sometimes you just can't hit anything, no matter how much you try.
This is not one of those days :laugh:🆒
Got the swarm-mode on a first spin of the session, and after realizing what the hell just happened, it started to look pretty nice straight from the beginning. I don't remember to ever hit as many wilds as now  :cash:
Good to end the gambling year to this, and get back on the ride at 2020.
Happy new year, and big hits for everyone! :atisfied:

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@Rushbie wrote:

Oh sweeeet! :laugh:🆒

Did you run it to max with min bets and increased the bets when at it??

Yea that's gonna cover a lot of the losses then, and thick layer of bonushoney on top of it :laugh:

Yeah, played 0.6-2€ when i got it max. I don't know if the game adjusts when swarm comes by stakes you play :wonder:

Just to keep it real i made around 200€ of deposits to make it from level 4. I was little tempted to start highrolling after around 50 bees without swarm but that could have gone really bad 🤣 Thanks to few good normal bonuses and good wins from chest there was profit to be made 😃

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