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  1. Thanks mate for reply, well i see i should recive the ticket today but i didnt well .....
  2. these tickets are awarded randomly or any requirements have to be met ? Asking becouse i didnt recived it
  3. No idea then try to reinstall or use the web way, make sure u got popup window and falsh active etc...
  4. Firstly read the terms of use u cannot login with some one account or an secound account its illegal, try to contact live chat support and let them check or there is all fine with u account but it may be closed by the reaseon i wroted before.
  5. Guys this is online poker u canno't even think it will work as a game in real and the ansvers are very easy. 1. u dont heve any information about the bankroll from another player's and its very important becouse if he got 100x more then u he may alow himself to check u A-A with ❤️♥️❤️ and even get luck to win it but honestly u i think u won more then losed with such hands. 2.No chance to read the emotions what is imortant at bluffs too becouse if u sitting in rl game at one table with same players u can for sure make a lot more cash this way if u know bankroll and how the guy/girl rushing. 3. And the most important think the cards are deald by program not an HUMAN!. And about the answers i deposited 1k euros monthly and loosing with guy who deposited 30e are funny guy's with 1k if u would like to make cash dont play here go to the main event tournaments where u can ears f.... serious cash not online. Of course u can win an main event online or great prize but u dont heve so much chance as in real online counts 75% of luck and 25 of skill...Maybe im wrong but its my mind after playing poker online and real for 14 years.
  6. Haha this is crazy i got it diffrent way i 90% win it even against A-A....
  7. 38 but long no played there :D.
  8. 1.Wild Turkey 2.Thunerstruck II 3.Dead or alive
  9. With a lot lot lot of luck it may happend :D, wishing good luck for all hehe.
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