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  1. I waiting message too. I think I have ~30 tickets it Maybe more. But really like o know. And i hate they never show winners. I think its all spam. And twin spin deluxe spins Maybe you got next year
  2. I activated too, but not got a spins. Last time There was a problem too.
  3. https://www.unibet.ee/promotions/taasiseseisvumispäeval-riskivaba-ennustus-tasuta-spinnid-ja-sissemakseboonus-1.634195 again didnt got spins like always.
  4. I didnt got it too. Its a second time when i got fake promo. And i am a Active players. I never got Free spins or bonuses
  5. My picks: Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manschester United, Liverpool, Manchester City. Most points will get Liverpool
  6. Really unlucky you. January I have lot of luck. But my biggest lose is 400‚ā¨/Month.
  7. It would be so nice if it would be a percentage system or consolation prizes
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