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radge1 Rank 18
Rank 18

End of year report on my 2018 poker resolutions...

I hope to apply myself a bit better to the game by doing the following....

1. I have never read a poker book or done any serious online studying so I plan to read at least one book Smirk - Bought Moormans Book of Poker and read the various introductions. So a decent start I think. Persevere in 2019.

2. Drink less while playing poker, I like to kid myself I can do both at once but I suspect I really can't Teardrop - Not sure if I realised this ambition, but as I still wake up occasionally and realise I've self-excluded or have zero monies but can't remember how it happened, so probably not. Carry over to 2019.

3. Play some live poker at my local casino... I have never played other than online and suspect this would be a big disadvantage should I ever... - Did play a qualifier for UK Glasgow in my local casino and played the community game with the Unibet guys and girls. More of this in 2019.

4. qualify to play in a UK or UO event Very Happy - Failed, but I now have UK final tickets which can't be broken down and need to be played. Don't work every Saturday anymore so can play at least some of them before they expire. 

A Happy New Pokering Year to all of you Smile

GeoJake Rank 7
Rank 7

Play more poker.

This quater I'm aiming for 800,000 challenge points and working on a uncocnious competence style for mass multitabling 5 max SNGs (10's and 4's).

Second quarter I'll be working on my game but still aiming for 1 Million challenge points.

Quarter three has 92 days so aiming for 1.25 - 1.5 Million points depending on if:

a: I'm physically able to play that many hours

b: There is enough volume

Currently I'm playing 10's and 4's when I need to fill gaps.

A change to the SNG buyins would be hugely advantagous if it went:

€1 - €2 - €4 - €8 - €16 - €30 - €60 - €100