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  1. @Andy-UnibetThanks for speedy actions delivery of 10euro Hexapro ticket 38 cents left in my account......could this ticket be start of my comeback
  2. Did you come to some conclusion that it was a mental reason why things were going wrong. I know that when we're happy, we play better poker, when we're unhappy we don't. Myself....I felt like I was on a treadmill going nowhere and feeling like my mind was all foggy. So I knew in the end that my poker decisions where all wrong, which is why a break was needed
  3. Hi everyone Just a question to you all........ I have been finding that mentally I've started to play poker really badly, and found my accounts dwindley to zero :scared: Have been playing pretty good earlier last year and both my Unibet & Stars account looking heathy then ever, then as this pandemic dragged on, mentally I'm feeling like i'm howling at the moon raging with the world. Slowly bit by bit, I've started to make more mistakes as I've gone along, before long I've found myself losing nearly all of my money in both accounts, so much so that I decided to gamble whats left and leave myself with zero and then stop playing poker for a while, like maybe 6 months. I even stopped my Twitch stream, simply I was not enjoying both playing bad poker and showing the Twitch viewers how bad I was playing. My game plan is to mentally get fit and then rejoin the poker pack, and hope to play on Twitch stream with a more postitve note. So my question is to you all.........am I the only person to experience this burnout phase, am I doing right to stop playing poker and mentally get fit for poker again, and were you able to understand why you're making bad poker decisions. I wonder if there are alot more people losing their money due to feeling pandemic burnout and not realising what was happening to them, and to be honest about it, I slowly worked out what was happening before it was too late. Just hoping people know when to stop before they lose more money and redepositing more before the penny dropped moment. Thanks everybody
  4. Hi @Andy-Unibet Got my hopes up after getting getting email about 10euro Hexapro ticket, and finding no such ticket has been inserted into my account. I trust you're the person undertaking the task of correcting the error. Looking forward to using this ticket as I have just 39 cents left in the account
  5. Karl

    SnGs Question

    I heard that Unibet used to have something like 18 player SnGs like 5 years ago, and even now I wonder if us players mindsets have changed since then with regards to SnGs
  6. Karl

    SnGs Question

    By the way..link to my stream https://www.twitch.tv/karl_parrish
  7. Karl

    SnGs Question

    I'm hoping to get my Twitch stream on air maybe Monday next week. This week is maniac week, my daughter is moving out into her own place, and that means one person less hogging the wifi box I was looking at Pokerstars SnGs, and saw that 12, 18, 27, 36, 45, 90 and 180 players SnGs were available, I really don't want to chuck my money onto Stars, and being loyal to Unibet is where I want to deposit money into. But was hoping that Unibet would maybe think of setting up something like 2 table SnGs to start off with to test the waters, Ideally I would love to see 45 playerSnGs. What about other players....any thoughts guy ?
  8. Lately I have been thinking of doing a bankroll challenge for my poker stream, and was thinking about doing a lot of SnGs But was wondering or guessing if it would create a player pool big enough to want to play multi table SnGs on Unibet Could Unibet create 2 table SnGs or even 45 player SnGs ? For myself, I think it would help me train and prepare better for MTTs , plus the bigger prize payout for Multi table SnGs would encourage more to play Would this be a feasible idea ?
  9. Karl

    Excel Help

    Thanks @Stubbe-Unibet It's starting to come back to me with all this excel malarkey, it's hard to believe that I've got equivalent to Phd in computing......just shows that when you've not done things you've trained to do for a long long time, you forget things I knew what I wanted to do, but my mind was blank. But it has been quite refreshing to know that staff at Unibet are very customer focused and damn right helpful. Once again... a big thankyou for your help
  10. Karl

    Excel Help

    oooooohhhh I could kiss you all over if I was gay @Stubbe-Unibet wow...that was too easy, updating every time I enter new entry Big Thanks to you dude
  11. Karl

    Excel Help

    =sum just add everything up in the coloumn and doing a sum to include "F" & "G" coloumns gave different answer....confusing lol which is why I wanted to have a formula or something that just gave me the last entry for "G" column, as that column has already been calculated up to the last entry :Smile: For the life of me....it escapes me as to what needed to be in I6 to give me that answer I've worked how to export to text file now, so that's an improvement :Rofl:
  12. Karl

    Excel Help

    Thanks for that @FeelsBadMan Being old school excel, it's easier for me to stick with what I know.....old guy here needs to be talked to like he's a five year old But later I will endover to try your method to improve my twitch stream
  13. Karl

    Excel Help

    I kind of understand you @Stubbe-Unibet, and the problem is that I have not used Excel for years and struggle to remember most of the stuff I knew lol Anyhow here's a screen shot of what I'm up to, and you're right in what you understand what I'm talking about. Just the simplest thing that got me losted. G9 which is latest entry to be updated into I6, and I6 to be updated as more entries are entered I6 is where I can capture that field to import onto my twitch stream I can't believe that I had to resort to asking for help Grateful for your help in this problem
  14. Karl

    Excel Help

    Hi guys & ladies I know many of you are using spreadsheets to record your poker data, and I'm hoping that someone out there may be able to help me with a formula. Simple spreadsheet, Date, Game, Buyin, Win/Lost, profit and Total. As I enter data, the total field is updated which is my bankroll, basically I want to copy the last current input of "Total" into another data field, so that I can use that area to display onto my Twitch stream. As I know the Total will fluctuate up and down, and I just can't find a formula to just grab that last data input to display into another field. Thanks for any help Karl
  15. Karl

    sng 2 euros

    I've just posted about Sit & Go games My point is why only 5 handed games rather than 6 handed I prefer 6 handed and because there is a bit more in the payout, which may explain why not many are playing sit & go games 5 seems an odd number :scared:
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