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Login Problems (failed login: failed login: C500/h500) unhandled Technical error

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I have aleready posted my issue but here is it one more time. Yesterday i was registered in a Tournament (ID:23107425) € 8,800.00 Unibet online open Qualifier - Buy in: € 250.00, tournament start 20:00 h CET. At 19:00 h i was prepering myself and wanted to Login into my acc but withouth success, an Problem ocured. I did not had the chance to play my tournament,  I tried to login from atleast 4 different hardwears and trough the app or site,  ewerything withouth success. I lost my 250 € buyin and I lost my opportunity to win my entrance into the Unibet open 1,100 €. I posted ewerything on Community help, but i became no help or any advise, what to do??? I prepared myself for this tournament, offered my time, for nothing. This was a very unpleasent expirience and now trough this post i am hoping to get an answer and a fear way to clear all this. Thank you. (ps. the issue and problem with my login is still there). 

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Hi @amcagasenjo,

Apologies for the delayed response to your issue. I have credited you a replacement €250 UO ticket as you were unable to get logged in on Sunday.

I would suggest clearing your cookies/cache on any browser you've used to log into the Unibet site before and then try logging in again. IF you continue to have issues, please let me know and we can look into it further.

Poker Janitor

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