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Poker Client blocked on PC and mobile ?!


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Hello guys, did someone have the same problem like me ?!

Tournament Shedule is empty and when try to play something like HexaPro for example, it says technical error?!poker1.thumb.jpg.6e3003d8f9d06e0d06febc113a097db6.jpg




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@Stubbe-Unibet  yes, web/ I'm not sure that this is a mistake, it just throws me out every 30 minutes

chrome  80.0.3987.122 64 bit
yes windows 7
You are running out of time!
You have been inactive for too long, your session has expired. For security reasons, you are automatically logged out. Click ok to log in again.
with time 
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Having the same exact problem than @Merenitsu with browser client on Chrome 80.xx on Linux. Started yesterday so I thought logging out, shutting down and day  change would solve it, but the same thing continues today. Security inactivity log-out every 30 minutes while actively playing tournaments.

Clearing cache/history didn't help at all.

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@Merenitsu wrote:

@Purps  the problem also remained. starting to annoy when you play on many tables


I just tested this auto-refresh addon for chrome and it works great.



Add that to your chrome and then open your unibet webpage. Then click on this symbol:


Set the timer to 28 minutes or so and click start. It will only refresh the webpage that you are on at the time of starting it.

Now you can open the poker client and you will not get disconnected anymore. :Ok:


The Unibet webpage does not have to be active on your screen, so you can minimize it to the tray if you will, but just don't close it.


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I don' know if there is any relevancy here except timeline cause this has happenes about couple of weeks and so has browser problem (right?) but if am logged in to unibet site and then open community and try to log in, i get this page:


Then i have to go to community again and log in and then it allows me to log in but same time it kicks me out of Unibet site.

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