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Women's World Cup: FIFA fantasy games ( private leagues).


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Women's World Cup will start this friday. 

Not sure if anyone playes these fantasy type of games that FIFA offers, but I put up two private leagues for community members anyhow.

No other prizes than what FIFA has to offer. So it's mainly for fun and bragging rights 😃


Bracket challenge:


or use the league code to join: 1KNPZKQ3


Match predictor:

or use the league code to join: 69bb1079
Everyone is welcome!
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Just a reminder.


The first match will kick-off tomorrow ( friday ) at 21.00 CET.

On the match predictor, deadline is always the kick-off time for every match.

Deadline for the bracket challenge is tomorrow 19:30 CET.


We currently have 6 players on the bracket challenge and 5 on the match predictor.

Would be cool to reach at least 10 or so on both 👍


Thanks for everyone who have already joined :jazzhands:


I'll post another reminder tomorrow afternoon...

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Sorry @CharismaMan  & @Nestabear 

As fun that would be, these fantasy games are pretty strict on their T&C that it's not allowed to use them for commercial purposes. Even with this small prizes, it wouldn't be wise by Unibet to take any risks, because of the area they operate in.

I had this conversation with @JeppeL before the last World Cup ... Trust me guys, he would love to give prizes on these competition because the platform would be perfect for a promotion... But it just can't be done :teardrop:

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One more reminder before the tournament kicks-off tonight at 21:00 CET, so there's still several hours left to join the party 😃


@Pesek , @marius0928 , @maruni , @Merenitsu 

I see all of you on the Bracket Challenge league, but not on the Match Predictor.

You don't have to join both, but maybe you didn't notice that there are two separate competitions. Or maybe you did both predictions, but didn't join the UniQuackers league on the Match Predictor game. You can still do it with the code on the opening post of this thread by going to "My Leagues" and clicking the "Join a league" button. Clicking the link on the opening post might also work even if you have already made the predictions.


There's still room for more participants 👍

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@Pesek wrote:

@Purps  No, it's not me,  i have some problem with joining the second competition but i will try  to fix this.


Oh. I was wondering how could you have two different names there, but you and dieonoo were first to show up on there and both only on one competition, so I thought maybe you changed your name on the account or something.....

Well, maybe he/she will show up 😃

I hope you manage to get in. The link on the opening post should take you straight there 👍

You can also join the private league later if it for some reason doesn't work today.


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@CharismaMan wrote:

Renard is the French van Dijk. :popeye:

Yeah. She didn't even have to jump to win every header.

I have France to lose to USA on the quarterfinals on my bracket. Not too sure about that :scared:

It's a rough draw when two biggest favorites to win the cup meet in the Quarters if they both win their group, as they easily should.

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