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  1. I am hoping to be alive for the next year and the anti covid vaccine will be strong enough to beat this pandemic beast. Also i am hoping to see a movie in cinema like in 2019. Happy new year to all the Unibet clients and fans! Hoping for better settled bets and less scandals and bugs in the poker client!
  2. Boldog suletesnapot @CharismaMan ! Freebet for me please! This kind of competitions where one of the best kind of advertising for a very unknown kind of sport for the non-brittish Unibet users.I know very well my 0,000 knowledge about horse racing when i have entered in my first contest here. So, all in all, even without the prizes , these contests where good for the users.
  3. Kempton 2: 19.30-Lady andaz 20.00-Red bravo 20.30-My law
  4. Kempton 1: 16.25-Winnetka 16.55-Brenner pass 17.30-Impeach 18.00-No nonsense 18.30-Escobedo 19.00-Shamaroon
  5. Nottingham 2: 15.45-Aljadi 16.20-Wrenthrope 16.50-Meccas hot steps 17.20-Shesadabber
  6. Nottingham 1: 14.00-Gordonstoun 14.35-Vulcan 15.05-Dark ilussion
  7. Newcastle: 16.12-Eagles foot 16.45-Island nation 17.15-Esspeeggee 17.45-Cotal bear 18.15-Boogie time 18.45-Anif 19.15-Global warning 19.45-Boma green 20.15-Harrys ridge
  8. Hereford 12.45-Easkey lad 13.15-Oscars moonshine 13.50-Darlac 14.23-Nevilles cross 14.58-Oscar rose 15.33-Airgead suas 15.08-Benson
  9. Windsor: 14.10-Shanghai rock 14.40-Pure dreamer 15.10-Ice station zebra 15.40-Socru 16.10-Divine queen 16.40-Sweet reward 17.10-Segla 17.40-Miss mulligan
  10. Wow i have won at the pre tournament prediction contest! I am opting for 3 × 10 euro and 1×5 euro freebets. @AndreiBN
  11. Clear win for our table master dynamo. Congrats for him and other guys who had participated in these years of horse racing winners guessing comtests.I am curious who has the best win percentage and the best entering in the prizes percentage. I am quite sad about the fact that the competitions will end soon.It was almost like a drug for many of us so it's not so easy for us.Anyhow, thanks for all of the guys who made these competitions work almost every week of the last years. Freebet for me please!
  12. Chepstow 13:40 Hell red 14:12 Friend or foe 14:47 Secret investor 15:22 Longhouse Sale 15:57 Tea clipper 16:32 The bay birch 17:07 Knappers hill 17:42 Flying Sara
  13. York last races: 16.20-Arthurs realm 16.50-Zip
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