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  1. I am hoping to be alive for the next year and the anti covid vaccine will be strong enough to beat this pandemic beast. Also i am hoping to see a movie in cinema like in 2019. Happy new year to all the Unibet clients and fans! Hoping for better settled bets and less scandals and bugs in the poker client!
  2. Wow i have won at the pre tournament prediction contest! I am opting for 3 × 10 euro and 1×5 euro freebets. @AndreiBN
  3. I have won and received a freebet today after guessing three in a row at Bounce.I really havn't what to bet with it.I was online at half time of a match from Belarus and one from Burundi.Both draws.I have picked a draw ft at Belarus league match.0-1 ended! Really have no clue about what is now in sports bets offer.Maybe would be better to put some free spins or some points for poker or bingo vouchers.We don't have what to do with thay freebets.Is so hard to see?
  4. I am choosing prize for more winners and 19 CET.
  5. Aah is an x not a plus. So it's 45?
  6. So many users are playing with just draws or 1 or 2 on all the matches in the list.Ok ,yes, the odds are tempting but doesn't sound right to me.Maybe will make things more complicated but we can make a new rule.You should have at least three matches with 1,X and 2 .So in a list with sixteen games you need to have three games -1 and three games- 2.And the rest ten games are ok to have x in this situation.I mean that we need to change this strategy.Even i i have just 1 and x in the Supertoto from tuesday to thursday.But at least i don't have all the games with just 1, x or 2 selections.
  7. Woow that is a huuge error there! Not the error is so shocking, the customer support is terrible.Betting should be like a hobby, should be more fun- thanks for this community, but in the last year Kambi is terrorizing the clients.We have so many nerves because of Kambi!!! Something has to change because also Kambi provides so little options for tennis betting live and prematch.Just look at B__ano or B__fair! You got there all what you could imagine.Ace in the game, double faults in the game,first serve in percentage,etc .Also look at Ef__una who has medical timeour or number of challenges per set by player.I mean that we got our nerves eaten by Kambi's errors but also we have much more odds, options and bets on the other betting sites.Not to say that these sites are sometimes faster than Unibet even if they offer so many bets per match.So Unibet has to do something!
  8. Not so easy win for me in the fantasy league.I have had two good opponents there! The Tour was one of the most thrilling from the last decade.Most are saying that was one of the cleanest Tour of the last years because we havn't seen Ineos-former Sky Team to dominate in the mountains.But we also have seen Viviani leading out for Alaphillipe in the first kilometers on the mountains.So i can't be sure of anything.But i am very happy that Bernal have won it!
  9. @Purps Yesterday on the winners stage was even Macron, president of France.Pfuaa such a good odd for Pinot it was.Pity that i didn't knew before that Macron will be there.Things like that are extra motivating the riders and you do nothing with just stats and previews if u can't find that the president will do congrats the winner after the stage.I hope that Bernal or square shoulders Kruiswik to win the Tour.
  10. @gillvs77 , @Purps , @YlarP what do u think? Is Alaphilippe cycling on clear water? I mean what the hell ? He wins the time-trial yesterday and today he almost wins again on Tourmalet? With Thomas giving seconds to him? He has won this year Milan-San Remo and Strade Bianche and now is flying over Tourmalet? What is he ? He isn't a human anymore.Will he won the tour? I have made a big big mistake when Cicone was in the yellow jersey.I have switched Allaphillipe with Ciccone :)) in my fantasy team.Was thinking that Bernal or Thomas will come next into yellow.
  11. We have a very exciting edition this year. Today was a mess, was like that stage few years ago in Holland at the start of that Tour. Tomorrow is rest day so you can make changes in your team.The battle in our league is also a thriller.
  12. Yeah you have a fair point of view. But believe me that i was very shocked that day because those errors had happened in not more than a hour of time, just minutes after i have made the deposit to my account.So it was like 11 09 2001 for me.I couldn't believe it that happened at Unibet.But i have to say that all of us- humans and computers- all of us can have some bad days and make errors.Thanks again for help!
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