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Changing payout distribution for 25x HexaPro?


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We're considering changing the payout distribution when you get a 25x multiplier in HexaPro, so we'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

A 25x multiplier is quite rare, so we'd like everyone to get a slice of the pie when it happens. Today, the winner takes 100 % and we'd like to change that to 80/12/8 - same as we have for 100x and 1000x.

Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions. 

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Not a bad idea @Stubbe-Unibet 

The only two x25 I've won were both at ‚ā¨1 buy-in and in the 1st week . While I lost the other two I managed to get after few hundreds at ‚ā¨5 ūüė†

Needless to say the variance is ultra high and the skill level is so diminished esp. at the lower multipliers (too short levels).

At least the decision of longer levels for the high multipliers is one of the best choices of Unibet. The more common X3  X5 and x10 are appealing even to me despite my hate for this raketrap kind of SNGs. If I had to play only this type of "poker" I would choose Unibet for these main factors. The lack of huds and less reg-infested tables like on some other sites is a big benefit too.

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Here's an idea, how about we just make all levels pay out 30%/30%/30%, that way everybody gets a slice of the pie and nobody will ever be disappointed cause nobody will win more than them. 

On a more serious note, idk what to say, on one side the variance in hexapros is bonkers so I see why reducing variance could be attractive for both recs and regs, on the other side, the whole point of paying more positions for the big ones is that even coming 3'rd is a huge win and not just 2 buyins, so the first 2 steps actually do give some amount of pleasure of winning for the recs, and some amount of variance reduction for the regs, while 2 buyins does very little of both. 

Also raking 24% of the prizepool just to give it back to everyone participating is kinda ew to put it in negreanu's words, it's kinda like my hyperbolic example above with everyone getting paid 30%. But like, as a business, if you can get away with doing it for 6/100k tournaments and people don't mind it, then why not do it for 18 times more tournaments, right?

All that being said, the effective rake increase is quite small due to the small probability of 25x's happening, so I wonder if it's actually a good tradeoff for the player, an acceptable amount to pay for this variance reduction (which is quite tiny as well). Haven't really given them a real shot to have a feel for it yet but it might actually be fine.

If this change would also be accompanied by an overall rake reduction by the extra effective rake of the measure  *wink wink*  (which is really small actually so probably doesn't matter that much) then I guess there would be no downside, it would just be like a slight lowering of the stakes played and it would look less like a greedy company measure to make a tiny bit more money (it is a very small amount overall) and purely something for the benefit of the players.  But again, from a companie's perspective, if most people don't even realize what's going on then why even do a good PR solution when you can just say you're doing something purely for the good of the people while omitting the pay a tiny bit more part, the latter is probably generally more +EV for companies. 

/end random rant about something that probably matters very little in the grand scheme of things :laugh:

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 @Stubbe-Unibet the big ,big problem is time level speed. I think the speed must depend on the multiplier + buy-in size. i remember when i lost 2k euros in half hour playing 100E hexapro. thats really insane. 1 minute blinds for 100E buyin...
1-2 euro buyin - 1min level for 1,5X multiplier
5-10euro buy in - 2 min for 1,5x multiplier
25-100euro buy in - 3 min for 1,5x multiplier
thats mean By players for players!!!

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