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any freerolls for ladies out there, ? :-)


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@Rima wrote:

I'm waitting ladies tournament too

@Leo-Unibet@Stubbe-Unibet@ReCorpH  Guy's it's time to change or add some Freerolls/MTTs only for Ladies.

Some ideas:

There are 3x 8eu Unibet Open Freerolls running on a daily basis, you could remove them and add the prize pool in 1x Daily Ladies Freeroll or you could change them as qualifiers for a Weekly Ladies Freeroll. :happyshy:

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we should be fair though and launch men only tournaments as well. How about having seperate tournaments for blacks and whites as well?


In all seriousness though, how can there even be any discussion about this in the 21st century? Women have no inherent disadvantage compared to men in any strategy game like chess or poker, so providing extra benefits for them solely on the basis of gender is sexist.

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