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  1. Hi all, I sow the sports betting app today... good ideea, looks good... Doesnt work... Keep at it! Gl hf
  2. Hi, Is somebody alse experiencing problems with the software??? Big lag... push me out of tables... I think my internet is good now... wifi laptop test 500 download, 530 Upload Is it just me?? Thx
  3. this is happening since they changed my routter... the new and improved more expensive... :)) I will contact them to change it... Thank you verry much!
  4. after reinstaling unibet poker It is running fine... but this happend on three diferent laptops in the past 2 mounths... verry strange
  5. ok, thx, will do I just put "8.8.8." in Host??
  6. Hi guys and gals, For the last couple of mounths I'am having problems with constant disconnect... Pls somewone tell me if is just me or is the server?! It is starting to be a VERRY BIG PROBLEM and I'am thinking of finding another poker site... I think my internet is verry good, but...
  7. Hi all, I have recived 1 x Double Trouble ticket and 1 x Super Double Trouble ticket... Do you have some ideeas about the strategy in this tournaments?! thx,
  8. I hate what happend with our freerolls...
  9. thank you... it is an ideea at least... I would like to find out more systems like this from you guys!
  10. I think you're looking at the whole "strategy" aspect from the wrong side. Your goal has to be to find odds where you believe that your bookie is offering too much. Let's say you want to bet on the NBA and you think the Bulls and the Mavs are both 50 % likely to win the game against each other. Then you'd like to find odds where you get more than 2,00 betting on one team. If Unibet offers 2,40 for a Bulls' victory, while you believe 2,00 is fair for them to win, then that's your bet. The problem however is for you to find a way to be smarter than the bookie and the public. If you're trying to play systems like e.g. betting once per day and doubling up for 5 days straight and then to collect, you're not correctly dealing with this fundamental aspect of betting. that is a verry good point, i didnt think about it like this... and i think not menny people do...
  11. no.. well that would be great but im not ascking that here... i am looking for strategy: - like one bet per day, same stake every day try to double up... do you think that works?! - or, bet once a week and try to put toghether games to hit 10x on each stage - or dayli and double the stakes for three days?... what works for you
  12. Hi all, Can you share some sports betting strategy ideeas here?! I'm mostly looking for a way to book small wins but constant every week, :) I know how it sounds... but I cant find a good strategy... do you know how other people have build up theyr bankroll?? Most common i saw was people betting 2 odds every day and try same stake, but how about a more math based approch, like taking all games in a championship round for example and bet x on all af them... This last one is an example of what I'm looking for, some math based strategy... I know i'm a girl and maybe i said some stupid stuff so be gentile, i dont know sport betting Thank you verry much for your ideeas
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