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  1. Thank you to grizzler for the info and thank you you andy for the ticket
  2. Hi how do you get a cash game NL ticket reset it expired yesterday 17 /5/21 and Ive not been able to play due to work commitments . cheers steve
  3. why were the dates not on the misson special tickets.( 1000/ 3000 ) I have missed out on these two games now due to the dates only being put on the tickets three days before. I dont think this was fair and the people that have missed out should be reimbursed with the tickets for the next game .
  4. thank you for the info
  5. just been playing the £1 hexapro 5 times in a row and every time the prize as been £ 1.50 if this is supposed to be a random selecta . why is it only picking £ 1.50 prizes
  6. were do you get the password for the 250 freerool tonight cheers
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