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What's the most important aspects of your casino experience?


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Hey @Livertool@steppek77@CharismaMan@Rushbie. In connection with my new project, I'm interested to hear what you consider to be the most important aspect of a good casino experience. Is it that there're a lot of games, good tournaments, fast website, easy to navigate website or something else? - the more aspects you can mention, the better :)

Hope you can spare a minute or two to help me out :)

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I'm sorry that I give my opinion without being asked to :laugh: I haven't seen that the question is especially for the 4 players before I posted it.

Knowing that the site/casino is trustworthy and I'll get my money if I win fast and without problems is N1 priority for me. This is why at Unibet I play slots from time to time, although the other products are more appealing to me (esp. bingo).

The free spins/ slot of the week promos are good also, but more frequent promos like these would  be great. I remember when there was a day with 4 or 5 sets of free-spins and then I managed to playthrough a decent win ~50euro.

As for the smooth play and ease of navigation Unibet is surely the site where these are perfect.


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The most important aspect is for me that it runs smoothly and fast. There are at least two casinos that i am not playing anymore because they take ages to load the game when playing with a little older computer. I guess they look nice but i dont care about that, it is all about functionality :)

Then comes the variety of games, although i often seem to play the same slots over and over again, it is nice to have many to choose from.

Nice feature is also option to find games by provider and easy to find games overall.

And regular casino bonuses are big thing too (not free spins), often find myself playing, (not playing with myself :D ) after one is given.

Overall, good functionality, many slots and bonuses are the main thing....if the casino is good in basic things too, like deposit, withdrawal and support, if not, then other things dont matter and i walk away.


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I'll add my two cents as an uninvited guest to the thread as well. 

I appreciate the casinos who have been around for a long time so you at least know they are doing a business of good standing. I am very cautious about new casinos and would be really uneasy making a deposit of 100€+ to those places.

Live casino is a requirerement for me to even consider a deposit and if the casino also provides sports/esports betting then all the better.

Deposit bonuses are a nice way to award loyalty.

Also for me I like to move money in/out fast on wallets like neteller/skrill. Some casinos can do this almost instantly. If the wait is even several hours that is a negative for my experience.

The site also has to be working fast. If there are load times then that gives a bad experience.

Unibet actually has a few things to improve on that list of mine, but regardless I like Unibet a lot as I feel like that they are one of the "good" guys around. The community is also a unique feature for the casino, it says about the standing Unibet has that they can have a few of their team members checking out on us and our conversations here and take part to solutions / competitions. Impressive compared to other casinos.

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Oh, forgot this thread..
Umm, nothing else to add really, all good things have been mentioned.

Especially would highlight the ability to search games by their developer, that way would be easier to also skip the ones you don't want to waste your precious lifetime on 😏

(Edit. Found the popularity-button so nothing about that..)

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