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Unibet Deep Stack Open - 2 Packages Mega Satellite


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As a trial we will run qualifiers for the DSO this week, ending with a 2 Packages GTD Mega Satellite on Sunday 21 May at 21:30 CEST.

We will then evaluate whether we can run more of these in the future, because it would be good addition since it is Unibet branded.
Winners of a package can use their package for a DSO event of their choice :)


glgl :peace:





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What the .... happened there? 

Looks very suspious if you ask me. They might have finished it super fast (1minute; 100 bb deep) to exploit the overlay and to avoid more people registering.

Or am I the only one thinking this way? 

There would have been 36more minutes of registration but thanks to finishing it within 1 minute, no late reg possible :Teardrop:



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I think due to the huge overlay the best strategy is to go allin with almost every hand to avoid other players to jump in. So I think nothing special to see there. Btw fortunatley the winner is a community member so we get  acquainted with the story at first hand.

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