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  1.  Regarding the Jackpot tournaments, it is one of the older ongoing promotions that was there before I joined :) Back then we had €1 or €4 buy-in tournaments, nothing in between, and I believe therefore we had one of both to make it accessible to our players that play the lowest games. From experience, I know that even when you have two of the same buy-ins, it doesn't mean players will automatically play both. There are players that just play one game at a time, register for one and see how it goes during late registration before they enter the other or players that just don't want to add more games at some point during a session. Not all the players are in them for the jackpot per se, however the jackpot as an addition surely helps to boost entrants. We manually check every week whether a player meets the jackpot criteria and once in a while we have a winning player. The last time, not that long ago, we had two winners on the same Monday. Both finishing top 3 in both tournaments . Accidentily we didn't notice it at first because we had already spotted a winner and didn't expect to look out for another one - but sorted it out when we realized it:) So players really win these jackpots now and then.
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