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Anyone running good on the hexa multis?


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I'm sure they do, but not me 🙂 I don't play them that much, but now I checked  the gamelab and something is wrong with the data. A week ago I won a x100 at 2c hexa, but gamelab shows my biggest win was a 10x on 15. of August 🙄 Also  i look in the dashboard, the biggest multipler is 25x (the total of games shown is only 142 - that much for my volume)

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30 minutes ago, kevanbt said:

Stubbe-unibet    I just took the winnings and divided them by the number of games from the game lab.


508 games and €980.    

do you have a different way ?




Ah okay, so not about the multiplier then 🙂

It does make sense, but then it's more about your skill than the multiplier luck

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