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My personal opinion -- golden acorn raffle promotion is really bad


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Hi ,

I find this promotion is bad compaired to getting scratch cards that regularly  give a little something , it feels like raffle there is very very low chance to get anything at all .

Also if u only get one of the smaller rewards , its still bad .

Imagine if u win nothing all month and compair what u normaly would be getting minimum on scratch cards .

After one week i have lost motivation to get any more raffle cards  .

                                             Good luck


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I'll pass on your feedback 🙂

Just a few personal comments: it's hard to please everyone with one promotion. High volatility slot games are very popular, and some people prefer the potential high top prize rather than lots of small ones. Furthermore, the promo does have a bit of both, with smaller daily and weekly prizes and then the very top heavy final draw.
Personally, I'm the kind of player that would much rather have fewer and bigger prizes. That being said, I do agree the distribution for the final draw is a little awkward and I'd have made it more flat with max €5k for first, but I'm sure the team have had their reasons for doing it like this - it's a nice marketing message with €8,000 top prize 🙂 

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